Ready to have some of the "hard" conversations with your daughters?

Or with yourself? 

Ease into them with these conversation starters. 

Talk about something deeper than the weather. These questions will help you start the conversation around confidence, acceptance, and values. Help her see that she is beautiful, she is in control of her thoughts, and she gets to decide where she places her worth. 


You are a strong woman,

let's raise strong daughters. 

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  • A way to bond with your daughter and teach her how to be strong and confident.

Hey there! I'm Jess... 

I used to crave these types of conversations. I wanted someone in my life to walk me through these thoughts. Instead, I had to learn the hard way. While I'd never trade my hard-learned lessons, I know my life could have been different if I would have reflected on my own values, confidence, and acceptance when I was young. I have made it part of my mission to raise daughters who don't have to learn by crossing the boundaries they didn't know they had. Instead, I want to raise daughters who are sure of themselves before they ever leave the nest. But, it's hard to bring up conversations about confidence and body image, so these prompts were created to help aid the conversation. 


If you're like me, this guide is for you!


Happy chatting, 



Here's to strong women. 

May we know them. 

May we be them. 

May we raise them. 



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