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Purely You isn't the highlight reel you share on social media. It isn't the "soccer mom" impression you leave at pick-up. It isn't the "go-getter" persona you adopt at work. Purely You is the truest version of yourself. It's the version of you God intended you to be. Are you ready?

Welcome to Purely You Healing!

Below you will find the list of services offered. I know you are ready to make some changes in your life. You are ready to discover who you are. You are ready to take finally take some time for yourself. You are ready to move past that feeling of exhaustion and just spinning your wheels. Chose the offer that feels best to you today. Become the person you were always meant to be, become Purely You. 

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Intuitive Healing Session


You experience a combination of modalities to help restore balance and alignment with your body, mind, and soul. Energetic blocks are removed, negative energies are cleared and we work to rediscover the purest version of yourself. Each session is as unique as you are and driven by what your body and soul need most. You leave feeling lighter, at peace and ready to embrace Purely You!

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Infertility Intuitive Healing Session


Infertility can be challenging, stressful, and exhausting. A healing session for infertility will help you to clear the energy in your space that may be blocking your ability to conceive. These sessions help release stress, negativity, and disappointment around conception. They can also ease any tension between you and your partner during this time. Let's work together to make space for that baby!  

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Prenatal Intuitive Healing Session


From the time of conception to delivery these sessions are for you! You will be able to release fears and anxieties surrounding pregnancy, delivery, and/or parenthood. You also learn how to listen to your intuition to help you trust your inner wisdom during labor. Guidance is offered around movement, nutrition, and whatever else your body and soul may need. 

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Angel Card Reading

$44 for 3-Card Reading

$22 for 1-Card Reading

Angel card readings are a great way to gain Divine Guidance about a specific question, concern or situation in your life. Tell me what you need guidance on and allow the angels to offer their infinite wisdom. Three-card readings are available from any deck, or you can receive a one-card reading from the "Messages from your Angels" Deck. Your reading will be emailed to you so you can review it as many times as needed. 

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Purely You Healing Approach 

When you receive a healing session through Purely You Healing you benefit from a multitude of modalities. During your session, your body and soul are given the exclusive opportunity to guide us to your purest self. You'll leave with a sense of peace, understanding, and awareness of who Purely You really is. My unique philosophy is that holistic treatment includes holistic care; there is not one modality that is better than another. Throughout your one hour session, you benefit from any combination of the following: Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, Herbalist wisdom, Women's Healing Arts, Crystal Healing, Essential Oils, my nursing experience, and of course guidance from God and the Angels. Through these methods, we journey together to true wellness and peace. Embrace this wonderful experience and book your session today! All services can be in person or completed through a direct phone call.


100% Guarantee 

Jessica so firmly believes that this work will change the way you feel, she carries a 100% guarantee. IF by the end of your session you feel no change, have gained no insight and are not more at ease, the guarantee will be honored. No investment will be necessary unless you feel closer to Purely You at the end of your time with her. 

Cancellation Policy

Life happens, and sometimes it is out of our control. In order to be fair to all clients and respectful of Jessica's time, the following policy will be honored:

24 hours advanced notice is necessary for cancelling/rescheduling an appointment. IF 24 hours advance notice is not given, the full amount of the appointment will be charged. This amount MUST be paid prior to your next appointment. This charge can be waived at Jessica's discretion based on the extenuating circumstances. 


This practice can be used in conjunction with all medical and psychological treatments. This is not a replacement for any other treatment plan. It is recommended that you continue to see your Primary Care Provider and any other Licensed Professional on your wellness team. Jessica does not prescribe or diagnose. Jessica does not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any person or entity for any loss or damages (including, without limitation, physical, mental, special, indirect, incidental or consequential) caused with regard to any information and or any suggestion(s) or guidance provided to you through this service, or as a result of your use of this service. Each client’s consultation is subject to the client’s own personal interpretation. What you decide to do with the information given to you, including any actions you take is down to your own personal responsibility and choice. Therefore, each client receiving the consultation is responsible for his/her own choices and or actions.

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.” ~Mother Theresa


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