Yes, breastfeeding is natural

but that doesn't mean it's easy

Navigating your nursing journey doesn't have to be stressful!

Caring for a whole brand-new human is hard enough! Learning to breastfeed doesn't have to be a challenge you face alone. 

Working with a CLC you can:

Get answers to your questions before and after your little one arrives

Field the conflicting insight you  see and hear on the internet

Get assistance with supply, latching, pumping, schedules, medications, diet, and ALL the things

Receive one-on-one help for latching your baby that is unique to yours and your baby's body shape, temperament, and comfort level.

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Meet Jessica

Motherhood is a beautiful journey that some days makes you feel like a failure... despite your best efforts. There is no manual, and there are no directions, but there is what you've seen other mothers do, unsolicited advice, and a plethora of conflicting information on the internet. It is hard to know what is right. 

I know, I've been there. And while I won't call myself an expert in parenting-really is anyone? Breastfeeding and women's health is my world. 

I have been an RN for over 10 years, a step-mom for over 5, and a mama to my own little one for over a year. We nursed for her whole first year and beyond. We nursed through a lip and tongue tie, teething, working full time, road trips-together and separate, and even through the first trimester of my second pregnancy. Between my career and own experience, I've likely seen it, heard it, or experienced it. Including the overwhelm, questions, and concerns about helping my little one grow. 

I'm here to offer you judgement free guidance, evidenced based support, enouragement and companionship and direction through the journey we call motherhood. 

 You can book a session any time after your first positive pregnancy test to the end of your nursing journey. I look forward to meeting you and your sweet little one!

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