You and I both know, it's easier to take a chance on something after someone else has. Check out what these lovely ladies had to say about their experiences with Purely You Healing! 

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"I have had a few sessions and the progress I've made in my life has been so positive! Open your mind and see how Jessica can help you!"


"Jessica always gets me lined out she has the greatest gift I have ever seen someone have. When it seems like things are at their worst her light shines deep into my soul and pulls me back to the surface."


"I always feel like I can conquer the world. Creative energy flows, positive vibes are restored. It’s such a light free feeling!!"


"I've had several distance sessions with Jessica and I highly recommend her to all of my family and friends, or anyone needing help. She's helped me to remove painful blocks from my past, get through trying times the last couple of years, process emotions that I didn't know needed attention and grow as a person. From the moment I met her I felt like I'd known her my whole life. She isn't afraid to bring things up that your body and soul are needing attention brought to, yet she knows just when to move on so you're not overwhelmed. If you're on the fence about trying a session, I honestly can say I highly recommend giving Jessica a session or twos worth of your time. You won't be disappointed."


"I can't believe how much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, how much more peaceful I feel. My soul feels so much lighter...What normally I would think about and weigh heavy on my mind has been released, and even if I think of it, it has no emotional toll on me."


"For anyone looking for an alternative program of developmental care, this professional woman is outstanding. She was my spiritual mentor and friend during a very dark time. She continues to guide you through your journey, is always there if you need. Many of her teachings guide me all the time. You will never be happier. Give her a call and your welcome in advance. 💓"


"At my first appointment I was SO nervous and didn't know what to expect. Jessica had this way of making the room a safe place. I talked about things I never had before, and she knew things nobody else did. I can't explain it. But by far my favorite thing about her is that she pulls from multiple modalities. To me, that makes her very well rounded and ready to dip in however she needs to. I would recommend her to anyone and I can't wait for my next appointment."


"I have seen Jessica for over a year now and she is phenomenal. You leave all your sessions feeling like a huge weight has been lifted. With the pandemic going on I had the pleasure of doing a distance session. You get to be in the comfort of your own home and it’s like she is right there with you. I would highly recommend a distance session if you are not able to come in for a session."


"As a business owner, community leader, lector and adventure junkie, most people wouldn't realize it but I am a highly OCD, neurotic, anti-social individual. But its true. It takes a lot of energy to keep me wired together. That's the way it feels most of the time and most of my days. My days start around 4:30am and end around 8:30, 6 days a week on a good week. Most of the time I run that 7 days a week. Jess has wanted to help me for a long time and I [secretly] think she created her mini-reiki distance sessions for ME! Don't tell me the truth if not, Jess 😜 For me it is 10 mins of peace, grounding, letting go, realizing I don't have to hold up the world. IT. IS. THE. BEST. 10 MINUTES I SPEND FOR ME, MY BUSINESS, AND MY FAMILY. The pain in my neck, shoulders, hip and back literally melts away. The solutions to problems in my head that Jess provides are concrete examples of changes to make that help m e be better. If you are at all curious, what do you have to lose - jump off the cliff for 10 mins - you'll want more."


"She is able to get strait to an issue and assist you ways that you might or might not have known you needed. Jessica is amazing, direct, passionate and kind."


"Jessica is truly gifted. She shed light on some things, and got some energy flowing. Pretty amazing."


"Purely You Healing has been so amazing for me. Jessica is wonderful to work with and has brought so much direction to my life. I highly recommend any one try it out. It is life changing!"


"Jessica is amazing! I've been to 2 sessions and a retreat. Honestly, I feel like I'm becoming the person I'm meant to be. I love feeling good about myself and feeling more joy and happiness!! I think it is making a difference in my family as well🥰 I highly recommend Purely You Healing!!"


"I have had several face to face sessions with Jessica at Purely You Healing. Then when Covid 19 hit our area and she wasn’t going to be available I started to feel a little lost wondering how I was going to have a session with her. I got a message offering a 10 minute grounding session so I thought what the heck let’s try it, honestly I was a little skeptical but I was still going to try. I signed up and Jessica called me and when the session started I was worried about finances and having my business when this was all over. I never mentioned any of that to Jess and she started talking and in her amazing fashion came up with all of the issues and walked me through them and got me head where it needed to be and not worried and focusing on the present. I will do these mini sessions again until I get to see her in person. It was very helpful and easy."


"Experiencing a session with Jessica is always illuminating, exciting, invigorating and relaxing. Jessica's gift of sharing her spiritual insights and energy have helped me realign as well as reassure me to get back to my center. Whether in person or in a distance setting, Jessica spreads and shares her energy, light, intuition and pure love."


"I went to my first session not knowing at all what to expect but hoping to find my way in a time that I was lost, I had nothing to lose. What I remember most was the things that you knew about me that you couldn't have possibly known. For example that I had right hip pain, things about my marriage which at that point I hadn't even admitted to myself, etc. You truly helped guide me through a time when I was directionless and for that I thank you. One of the biggest lessons you taught me was there are burdens that are not mine to carry, and that's ok. I highly recommend your skills to those who haven't been to you yet, it was for me a truly healing experience. "


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