Feb 16, 2022

For the last few weeks, I’ve been talking about self-love and self-worth, and of course, you’ve heard me talk before about self-discovery, finding Purely You, and continuing to grow and evolve. This is my bread and butter, one could say. Without people who continue to want to be better versions of themselves, I’d be out of a job. 


Despite all of that, there is one thing I haven’t really talked about before, that I think is important for you to understand. 


Self-Acceptance does not hinder self-growth. 


Sometimes on this self-growth journey, we begin to judge ourselves for where we are at now. Or get impatient with where we want to be. This is one of those times, we have to take a lesson from our toddlers. 


At that age, your little one is not shy about their feelings, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They do not care what people think of them. And they are not in any hurry to be something other than exactly who they are in that moment. It might mean wearing 4 different shades of red as they dressed themselves because today red is their favorite color. It might mean talking about dinosaurs for 30 straight minutes without fear. It might mean asking for extra cuddles or being adamant that they do not need your help. Whatever that looks like for them, they are fully okay with it at the moment. They completely accept themselves. 


But that doesn’t mean that they stop growing and evolving either. That is what makes them such a perfect example. They are totally comfortable in their own skin and they still want to learn how to ride a bike, tie their shoes, and write their name. 


We have a lot to learn from these sweet young humans. I don’t want you to ever think that working on yourself must mean you are not happy with who you are. Or that you cannot be comfortable in the here and now and still working towards a better version of yourself. In fact, learning how to be comfortable in the journey might be one of the greatest assets to your self-growth altogether. 


When you can offer yourself grace and compassion in the journey, laugh at the missteps, and love this version of you, you will bring the vibrations and energy of grace, compassion, joy, and love into your journey. Doesn't that sound like more enjoyable company than the energies of resentment, anger, fear, and discontent? I’ll take the former, please. 


Imagine a life where you could enjoy who you are now and use that energy to carry you into the next amazing version of who you are going to be? 


You can certainly do it, I have every bit of faith in you. If you feel like you’re needing a little support in getting there, reach out to me. Let’s talk about what’s keeping you from that mindset and how we can work towards improving it for you. In the meantime, love who you are now, and keep working towards who you want to be then. 


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