Be Present

Jun 17, 2020

Life sure has been crazy lately. It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race of it all! There has been a sense of urgency and fear placed on our hearts for some time now. When your heart is full of fear and panic, it is hard to see the glory in the world around you.

It is in the little things that make life big.  

Have you ever been thinking about something on your way home from work and walked into the door before you realized you don’t even remember getting there? Have you ever nodded and “mmhmm-ed” your spouse or your kids as they were talking while your thoughts were a million miles away? Has someone ever mentioned the weather to you and you realized that you aren’t even sure what it’s like out there today? These are examples of not being present. Do you see how much you could miss?!  

It is so important, especially when you are busy, to take the time to appreciate the world around you. Notice the sunrise and sunset. Feel the wind on your face. Take a minute to listen to the birds chirping. Study the lines, colors, and freckles of your child’s face. Feel the hot water on your body in the shower. Taste your food. Watch the flowers bloom. Notice the grey coming in your dog’s face, or the way his fur feels in your hands. Connect to the words of that song on the radio. Each of these things are such small tasks, but they make the biggest difference in how you are present in the world. Checking in with the world around you is a great way to stay grounded, step off the hamster wheel, and remember what is truly important in this life.  

Whether you’re lost in the media, statistics, and fear; or that big project at work; or that pipe dream you keep working towards, you miss the greatness that you have in this life right now.  Dolly Parton said, “never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” Man is there some deep truth to this, but not just with your job, with everything. Don’t allow yourself to be so busy with everything else that you forget or miss out on what you currently have. Sure, there are some scary things happening in the world right now, and you certainly could play the game of what if. But while you’re running down that dark and twisty rabbit hole, you miss the smile on your kiddos face when they see a robin in the yard hunting for worms. Sure, you could be very involved in this work project, but being lost in it after hours will cause you to miss your spouse’s big win at work today. Sure, you could rework the numbers one more time, proving to yourself that that dream is still 2 years away (same as when you crunched numbers last week) and in the meantime you’ll miss the beauty in the apple blossoms in the spring.  

Get out of your head. Get off of social media. Turn the TV off. Put your device down. Look up. Look around you, Revel in the glory of the green grass, the blue sky, the chirping birds. Your baby’s laugh, your spouse’s smile, your Mama’s voice. Offer some gratitude for these things. For the health of your family. For the food in your fridge. For the clean water you have to drink. For the hot water you have to bathe in. For the internet. For that breath of fresh air that you can breathe.

Breathe it in again and connect to this moment. Be present.  Be grateful. Be Purely You.  

I would love to hear how you’re being present today. Tell me below! Also don’t forget to follow Purely You Healing on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration!  


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