"I'm Broken"

Sep 08, 2021

She said to me, “I’m broken.”

“I was abused, I’m broken. “

“I was cheated on, I’m broken. “

“I have a diagnosis, I’m broken.”

“I cannot keep a man, I’m broken. “

“I got fired, I’m broken. “

“I lost someone I love, I’m broken. “


I stared into her eyes and said, “You, my dear are not broken. Something broke your heart, but it did not break you.” 


Every time we experience pain, discomfort, heartache, we are given a choice. Allow this to define our lives and be the story of brokenness we tell, the excuse for nothing going right in our lives… OR… we let this pain be a driving force to become better. 


Your past doesn’t have to define you, it can empower you. 


To the one who was abused, you now know to never give your power away. 

To the one who was cheated on, you now know how to find your worth in who you were meant to be instead of in a man. 

To the one who has a diagnosis, you get to become an expert of knowing your body and managing your diagnosis. Something your doctor is not. 

To the one who believes she cannot keep a man, you get to learn how to live life without one. You’ll never be that lonely wife wishing her husband would do x,y,z with her. Because when you do find that man, you’ll be comfortable doing it without him, if you so choose. 

To the one who got fired, you now get to take all of the experience you gained and start fresh somewhere else. Somewhere that you were meant to be. Getting fired is never an accident, it’s an opportunity for something better. 

To the one who lost a loved one, your heart is broken and that is okay. But you, my dear, are not broken. You are not your grief. You will be changed because of this pain, but you are not broken. Maybe this pain becomes your platform for teaching children to not drink and drive. Or empowering other women to manage their stress and their health. Maybe this grief empowers you to work for a nonprofit, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or start a support group in your area. 


The choice is always yours. You can allow yourself to live by the title of broken. To sit in that darkness and that pain for the rest of your life. 


Or you can choose to not live “broken.” You can choose to grow through what you grow through. You can take your experiences and become a better version of yourself and keep growing and evolving. You can look back on this moment 10 years from now and say, “look at where I am now” in awe of how far you’ve come. 


You can do this. You can walk out of the heaviness of what you’re experiencing. You can become a better version of yourself through the heartache and pain you’ve been experiencing. I know, because I did.


I’d love to help empower you and guide you through this pain and discomfort. If you’d like to talk more about how we can work together, book a call with me. We’ll spend 30 minutes deciding on the perfect plan for you to grow through what you’ve gone through.


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