Is what you're experiencing burnout?

Apr 06, 2022

According to an article posted in Forbes in 2021, at least 52% of the working population is feeling the strain of burnout. Yikes! That means if you’re not feeling it, the person sitting next to you likely is. The worst part is they might not even be aware of it. You can’t fix it if you don’t even realize that it’s happening. 


So often I hear clients tell me all the ways they are struggling in their day-to-day and then follow that up with something like, “but this is ‘adulting,’ right?” As in, I shouldn’t complain because this is just what being an adult is. They always told us being a grown-up was no fun. 


Here’s the reality. While being an adult does come with its own set of responsibilities and stressors that our children know nothing about, it doesn’t have to feel this heavy and exhausting! Some days are hard, yes. Some situations require a lot from you, yes. But if every day feels like a struggle, you might be burnt out. 


Do any of these sound like you? 


*Tired all the time

*Sick often

*headaches or muscle pain

*sleep disturbances

*feeling like a failure

*feeling trapped or constantly defeated

*having no motivation

*negative outlook on all things

*no sense of accomplishment


*isolating yourself from others

*avoiding responsibilities

*skipping work, or showing up late and leaving early

*taking out your frustrations on others

*coping with substances (food, drugs, alcohol)


If you nod your head to more than 8 of these, you’re likely facing some burnout! Here’s the thing. Burnout is not something we can fix overnight. It took you a while to get to this place, it will take you some time to get out of it. 

The most important thing you can do right now is to become aware. 

Become aware of what things are causing this added stress. 

Become aware of your coping mechanisms. 

Become aware of the habits or routines you’ve slipped into that are not serving you. 

Become aware of when and why you snap on your kids or your husband. 

Become aware of that mom-guilt you’re feeling and where it is coming from. 


Become aware. That is the first step. Without that awareness, nothing in your life can change. 


If you’re ready for that change, I’d love to guide you through it. Let’s get on a call and talk about all the ways I can help. 


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