Are You At Capacity?

Apr 20, 2022

You know that feeling when you’ve eaten more than you should? The one where you have to unbutton your pants, and couldn’t possibly have one more bite, even though the food was delicious? One could say, you were at capacity at that moment. We’ve all been there and in reality, we are all ready for another meal within the next 12 hours. Just as long as it’s not right that second. Because that feeling of fullness is such a physical symptom, it is easy to recognize it and honor it. You know darn good and well if you ate another piece of pie you’d likely be miserable, so you take a break from food and don’t think twice about it.


Why don’t we honor our need for a break in life’s obligations as well? When your plate is already full, how often do you take on one more thing? One more activity, responsibility, or obligation? Even though your schedule is stuffed and you’ll be uncomfortable taking on one more thing? 


We are so good at listening to our bodies when they offer us a physical symptom (tension headaches for example), but we don’t often listen when there isn’t a physical symptom (barring exhaustion of course, because often, we just ignore that symptom and power through). Here’s something I want you to recognize. It is okay to say no when you are at capacity. It is okay to turn down another responsibility when your plate is full. No one gets offended at Thanksgiving when you turn down that piece of pie because “I can’t possibly eat any more.” What makes you fret over turning down a responsibility because “I can’t possibly fit one more thing into my schedule”?


Living every day feeling like you’re at full capacity is a part of what leads to your exhaustion and eventually burnout.


It’s that constant “I’m too full” lifestyle that creates some of the mom guilt you experience too. Think about it. 


If you had plans to spend the afternoon with your kiddo and have to cancel on her so you can attend a meeting for the fundraiser you’re now planning, does that cause some guilt? 


Or maybe you feel a little guilty when you’re so stressed from the day that you snap at your spouse when you get home and realize later that you overreacted. 


Or maybe guilt creeps in when those clothes still aren’t folded and you brought pizza home for the 3rd time this month because there just isn’t enough time at home with all the other things going on. 


All of these things are examples of what happens when you’re living at or above your full capacity. 


It might be time to start saying no a little more often. You’re not a failure, you’re not incapable. You are just at capacity right now. Just like when you eat a big meal, no now doesn’t mean you will have to say no tomorrow. 


Honor your body, your mind, and your soul in all the choices you make today. If you’re needing a little help doing that without guilt, get on my calendar, and let’s talk about it. I bet I have a solution for you! 


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