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Dec 29, 2021

Here we are at the end of another year. I know we say this every year, but boy doesn’t it go by fast?! All of a sudden it’s the end of December and we’re rolling into yet another year. This is a time when I reflect on the last year and set my goals for the coming adventures--I’m currently loving my Passion Planner for this (no affiliation, I just like the product). I’m reviewing my goals and looking at what has been accomplished in the last year. Amazed at the progress and also how much has really changed for my family this year. A thought came to me while I was thinking about all the happenings of the last 12 months.

The year is going to pass you by, no matter what you do. The days will go quickly, the time will pass, and all of a sudden you’ll be looking back wondering how it’s already time to flip the calendar again. The sun rises and sets each day, whether we’re ready for it or not. So the question becomes, what are you going to do with tomorrow? What plans or goals do you have for the coming days? 


Here’s the thing, either you have an idea and a plan for the day/month/year/lifetime OR something else will happen. The day is going to pass, but if you have not decided what you plan to accomplish, then it will pass with someone else's priorities at the top of your list. 


Think about it, even if you choose to spend your day lounging on the couch binging on a new show you found, you’re honoring the priorities of the Netflix company-you’re giving them your time. 

Every hour you spend on social media is honoring the priority of the app-you’re giving them your time. It’s not all bad, and you know I’ll always honor rest days, but it is something to think about. 


If you have not set any priorities, made plans, or chosen to work towards a specific goal, you will inadvertently work towards someone else's goals, be it your husband, your boss, or “societies.”


If your priorities include things looking different in your life this year, then you must begin to live your life differently. Taking small steps towards that new life every day. Setting goals, having priorities and honoring them as you get thrown those curveballs Life is so good at pitching. You can continue to dream about something new, or you can start taking action and making changes. 


Either you choose to do something new, or something new will choose you. One way or another, new things are coming. What do you want that to look like in your life? 


When your plans include self-care, recovering from burnout, and discovering who you are again, book a call here. Let’s create a plan for you together! 


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