Christmas Spirit All Year

Dec 28, 2022

I just love the holiday season. I love being surrounded by family, the energy of giving, the increased compassion and joy. There are two things about the season that I really don’t love though. 1. The stress people put on themselves to be perfect. And 2. How it all stops the day after Christmas. 


In my church service on Christmas morning, we heard the priest discuss how the Christmas holiday is celebrated for eight days. He encouraged us to say Merry Christmas through the New Year because Christmas isn’t over yet… the general public doesn’t totally agree though. If you walk into the store the day after Christmas (usually even before), you’ll find Valentine’s candy in place of that Christmas Spirit among the patrons. It seems as if Christmas leaves us faster than it sneaks up on us from year to year.  


Those that are stressed by the need for Christmas perfection are grateful when it's over and life can "get back to normal." The stress of meeting up with family, spending money on gifts,  preparing food, getting the matching pj's, the perfect Christmas morning photo etc, etc, etc is all over and you can breathe a sigh of relief… is this you?


A better question, is this you all year? Searching for perfection and stressing about creating a life that looks a certain way from those on the outside. If your stress level goes from 10 to "Mama's gonna lose it" over the holidays, your problem is not the holidays. It's your day-to-day life causing you unnecessary stress that leaves no room for anything else. 


You’re not meant to live a life full of stress, hardship, and burden. And Christmas isn’t meant to create that for you. Instead, your life could be one of joy, happiness, compassion, giving, and love. 


How do you do that? The answer solves the problem of all the Christmas magic stopping on December 26 as well.  


You begin your days with gratitude. You offer compassion and love to those around you. You honor your boundaries and share your light with the world. You get yourself to a place of happiness so that your life doesn't just look perfect from the outside,  but actually is perfect for you.  


It's hard to make these changes.  Especially with society pushing a 'more,  more, more" agenda. I'm here to tell you,  you can buck societal norms. You can celebrate Christmas well into January. You can share that love and joy that makes up the Christmas Spirit all year. You can choose more happiness, more stillness, and more presence instead of presents every year. 


I can help you do just that.  Hop on my calendar for a wellness session and we will get you back on track and in the spirit of all things wonderful. 



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