WHAT is a Coach and WHY do I need one?

Jan 11, 2023

I am a nurse and a Women’s Wellness Coach. 


When I tell people that I usually get one of three replies. 

  1. What’s a coach? 
  2. Why do I need one? 
  3. And my favorite… “Do you have your own life together?” 


It seems that the term coach is being used for anything and everything these days. For many years we have recognized coaches for sports of all kinds, and even voice and speech coaches. It is in more recent years that coaches for every other aspect of life have started to emerge in droves. Nutrition, finances, mindset, meditation, lifting, running, you name it, they’re hireable. Other terms used for these people have been guide, mentor, and advisor. A rose by any other name… right? In this instance, coach, guide, mentor, advisor, etc, are basically the same. To coach, by definition is to train or instruct. As a Women’s Wellness Coach, I help coach you to find wellness, in your mind, body, and soul. Instructions come by way of mindset guidance, nutrition and supplement suggestions, work/life balance mentorship, energy work, and stress relief strategies. 


Do you need one…well that is up to you. There was a time in my life I thought paying someone to help me get through life was a waste of my hard-earned cash. It seemed like a luxury for those who were not the kind of people that had REAL struggles. You know, actually having to budget their money, being buried in household chores, doing the morning hustle with the kids, etc. I thought they were for women who were not as strong as I was. I just knew I could handle anything life threw my way on my own. 


And then I got wise. 


To try and do it alone is to set yourself up for undue stress, for a couple of reasons. 


  1. We are a village people. We are a species that is meant to be around and supported by other humans. For as far back as is researched/discovered, people have always flocked toward each other. People are found together regardless of race, culture, or time in history. With social media and instant contact in our current society sometimes we feel like we are connected, but we are not TOGETHER near as much as people used to be. To seek help from another person is to truly embrace one of the most human things about you. 


  1. Because of the guilt that can be a side effect of not being able to get it all done. For many of us, the push to be the best,  to do it all,  and to be perfect in every way is the root of much of our daily stress. It is so much easier to get through the day with a little support. Support from someone who is not here to commiserate or offer the standard,  "if you need anything let me know" in your times of stress. When you work with me, you have the luxury of the outside view. Many times our stressors seem daunting because we're too close to them. The outside perspective I give you and the strategies to avoid those daunting situations are a game changer. 


How do I know all of this? Because almost ten years ago,  that was me.  Admittedly, at that time I was not a mother yet. But I carried a mountain of stressors and lived as a terribly burnt-out human just the same.  When I was blessed with my bonus daughter six years ago,  I was able to navigate the transition with more grace because of the work I had done prior. Starting over with my newborn in the last year, the same grace was possible.


Can I say I have it all together? 


Yes, and no.  


Life continues to happen, even though we are skilled at surviving it. I'm not perfect. I still feel overwhelmed some days.  I still get in my own head sometimes. 




I can recognize when those things are happening and I have the resources to alter my course and stay true to my values and priorities. 


I have it together enough to know that doing it alone never got me where I wanted to go. So I keep my team of practitioners in my life to help me stay the course.  I work routinely with my energy healer, chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist, and medical doctor. 


And I continue to practice what I preach. 


If you're like me, the struggle is exhausting and you often wonder how to break that cycle of stress, exhaustion, and burnout. I have spent years discovering different strategies, resources, and approaches to answer just that. Now, you can take advantage of that time I spent, the knowledge, and the experience I have gained and get off that hamster wheel. 


The goal is to give your family the best of you,  not what's left of you, and to show up as Purely You every day.  


If you have more questions or are ready to finally get some help and guidance with doing just that, hop on my schedule here.  


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