Complain Your Way to Success?

May 19, 2021

I saw a quote while scrolling through social media the other day that hit me hard. 


“You cannot complain yourself into what you want”


Read it again. 


Boy oh boy is that a hard truth. How often do you do that to yourself? How often do you allow yourself to complain about the way things are going instead of working towards a different outcome?


I think a part of it is human nature. It’s the low-hanging fruit that is easy to reach. Something happens that doesn’t quite fit your ideal, so immediately we process that displeasure by complaining. We know that the energy of anger, resentment, fear, and frustration are all very low. By spending time in that low vibration, we encourage more low vibrational energy into our lives, and all of a sudden your whole day is spent complaining instead of being productive! And if you’re anything like me, that makes you feel like complaining even more! It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t get you any closer to the goals you have. 


Consider this approach instead. When something happens that is less than ideal, look for the ways you can benefit from it. Look for the silver lining or the unexpected perk in the disarray. Like Mr. Roger’s used to tell you to look for the helpers in a disaster. Look for the perks in unplanned events. What can you learn? How can you use this to your advantage? Why is this a trigger for you? How can this motivate you to do differently or do better? What needs to change to create a better outcome? 


Challenge the situation. Challenge yourself to create a better outcome. Put that energy into building something better instead of destroying what you have. 


Mindset is half the battle. Train your mind to think of three positive thoughts every time you catch yourself sitting in negativity. Bring your vibration up so you can see every situation in a positive light. Sometimes it is okay to walk around in rose-colored glasses, especially if your alternative method is trying to complain yourself into success. 


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