Delegate. Empower. Relax.

Oct 12, 2022

Something that is often taught in leadership development is the art of delegation.  Learning what tasks to hand to others on your team and empowering them to accomplish those tasks can really change the way your team interacts, and of course,  lightens your load too! 


This concept can be the same in your household too. You know better than anyone that you're the captain of that ship. It's up to you to make sure there are clean clothes to wear, grandma gets a birthday card,  and the goldfish has been fed.  Sometimes the weight of it all feels unbearable. Overwhelming. Even frustrating. 


What would happen if you began to delegate some of those tasks or responsibilities? Of course,  you're not going to have your toddler paying bills,  but they could probably feed the fish.  Are your children old enough to wash their own clothes? What about being responsible for a meal or a side dish? 


Now you're probably thinking one of two things (or maybe both). 1. But if I don't do it,  it just won't get done. And/Or 2. If I don't do it,  it will not get done right.  


Let me give you an example of this scenario in my own life. My nursing shifts are 12 hours long. That means the earliest I get home is 6:30 pm. With an 8 pm bedtime for our kiddos, my husband is responsible for supper otherwise we'd never get supper, showers, and our bedtime routines done in time.  This means two things for me,  I have to let go of the need to 'do it all' and I have to accept whatever he cooks. Even if he forgot vegetables. Even if it came from a box.  Even if it's not 'perfect'. 


That certainly was a challenge at first. But I quickly realized that by delegating that task, I would have time to shower and get my lunch packed for the next day.  The kids would get to bed on time and no one would go to bed with an empty stomach. Does he do it the way I would? No.  But that is okay! Sometimes that's even good (the man can make some darn good fried rice). 


Here's the real trick to being successful with this, when it's not your choice, it cannot be your problem. I know you may still need to verify that things are getting accomplished, that's not what I mean when I say not your problem. What I mean is if your kiddo has to learn the hard way why we separate colors and whites, it is not your problem. 


Don't let your need for perfection or control inhibit their ability to be responsible for tasks that are well within their limitations. Delegate. Empower. Relax. 


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