Flow in the Body, Mind, and Soul

Jun 15, 2022

You’ve likely heard the term, “the weight of the world is on your shoulders” or some variation of that anyway. After a session, my clients will often tell me, “I feel so much lighter” because we always work to relieve some of that weight. That heaviness we carry around thinking everything and everyone is our responsibility does not serve us, mentally, spiritually, or even physically. Now, you may start thinking this sounds a little woo-woo but hear me out. 


Think about someone who gets a tension headache. They experience sustained, intense stress (emotion), and that leads to a headache or even migraine (physical symptom). Or the person who vomits (physical symptom) when they get nervous (emotion). See every emotion we experience carries its own energy and is held in a specific part of our body. When we hold onto that emotion for too long it can cause build-up or stagnation and that leads to physical ailments. 


Energy should always flow, like a running river. Running water is clear and fresh, still water, however, gets smelly and murky. Your blood flow is much the same; we want it to be constantly flowing and moving, that is what keeps us healthy. If it gets blocked or becomes stagnant for some reason, we end up with blood clots, heart attacks, or strokes. None of those are good! 


It’s not just your blood flow that needs to stay moving inside of your body to find health and wellness though. Your energy system must flow too. Not allowing that flow can cause or contribute to all sorts of other ailments, like a tension headache, or vomiting from nerves. 


Naturally, there is an exception to every rule, but often we store the energy of certain emotions in specific parts of our body. For instance, resentment is usually stored in the upper neck. Neck pain can also be caused by stubbornness or an inability to see more than one solution to a problem. Low back pain can be caused or enhanced by money fears and insecurities. Problems with menstruation can be due to an internal conflict with denying one's self or living with an imbalance of doing and resting. Anger is often held in the liver, grief in the lungs. Breast problems can come from a lack of self-nourishment.  I could go on forever, but the point is that every unresolved emotion we face will find a place to live inside of our body and that will lead to a block in the flow and thus create a physical ailment. 


Outside of the specific area of pain, we will often find that we feel heavy, stuck, and unable to move forward when we allow our natural flow to be inhibited for too long. This can lead us to feel cranky, guilty, and even depressed. Becoming Purely You is about being well in your mind, body, and soul. The three are not individual facets of you, but instead, they all work together to create the person you are today. Being well in your mind and soul will create wellness in the body. Being well in your body will create wellness in the mind and soul. If you’re noticing a physical symptom that doesn’t seem to have an “answer” or maybe you just feel weighted down and stuck, then it’s time to recreate balance in your body, mind, and soul. Hop on a call with me and let's discover the right pathway for you to reach true wellness. Let me help you Become Purely You.


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