Fresh Start

May 25, 2022

 As we watch the world wake up in the spring, it brings to mind new beginnings, new life, and a fresh start. January 1 is usually credited for all the “new” ideas, plans, and goals in our life, but who says you can create new goals any time of year? Or that your priorities can’t change mid-year? Shoot, sometimes your priorities change mid-week, or even before noon some days. While that is just the nature of life sometimes, it can also show a lack of commitment or an unfounded goal. 


Looking back at the last time you made a goal or a resolution, have you been able to honor it? Are you making choices every day that get you closer to reaching it? If not, why is that? 


Maybe the last time you set a goal, your priorities were very focused on physical wellness, but an injury has forced you to change what that looks like for you. Maybe your goal was all about getting your home organized, and then you found out that you were unexpectedly going to move. Maybe your goal was focused on a relationship that you’re no longer involved in. Those things happen, and that is all okay. 


But maybe your goal or resolution was one that required more of you than you realized. It may have required you to stretch and expand in a way you’ve never done before. How cool is that?! When you start to lose motivation during those hard expansion times, look at the trees, the grass, and a newborn baby. Every year a tree comes into winter planning on growing, stretching, and expanding a little further. New branches, new leaves, and new heights are reached every time they decide to grow. Grass expands its roots and sprouts a thicker covering. A newborn stretches after the confinements of the womb and then explores the new world they are being brought into. In nature, these moments of expansion and growth are vital for survival. If animals don’t learn to walk within hours of birth they pose a risk to the rest of the herd. If plants don't learn to extend their root system as well as their foliage, they cannot absorb the nutrition that allows them to thrive. 


This is the same for you as a human being. It is necessary for you to stretch, expand, and explore. Otherwise, you’ll never grow. However, if the growth you initially thought you wanted was ill-guided, like say grass that wants to grow in poor soil, then it may be right to change course. But, if you think back to that goal and the growth it requires and you know you were right on track, then it is time to embrace the stretch, embrace the expansion and explore all the ways your success will improve your life. 


Allow mother nature to be your guide. Remember, it is okay to take breaks from self-development. It is okay to lighten the stress on becoming better or running a faster mile. Just as nature rests and recovers in the winter. As long as you circle back to that exploration and growth, you will reach your goals. 


If you’re thinking back to the last resolution or goals that you made and wondering how on earth you got so off track, I’d love to help you create a solid game plan for moving forward. If it’s time for a fresh start, let’s get to it! Sometimes even mother nature’s reminders are not enough to keep us motivated. If that is the case for you, let’s work together. You can book a call with me HERE and we’ll create a plan that keeps you motivated, growing, and becoming the mom that you want to be. 



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