Gratitude Attitude

Nov 25, 2020

This time of year we hear so much about being thankful. Being grateful for all we have. Fall is harvest time, a chance to bring in the fruits of your labor and have stores for the winter. A while back there was a thing on Facebook for the whole month of November where you would post daily something you were thankful for, many people participated. It is so wonderful to offer gratitude for all that you’ve been given. Not just the produce you grew, but to remember the people that are blessings in your life. To be grateful for all the things you have. To enjoy the sunshine, the breeze, the chirping birds in the trees... It is a good time to be present in every moment and be mindful of how beautiful your life is.   

I have gone on two mission trips to Guatemala with the God’s Child Project. There is nothing that shows you just how luxurious your life is like building a 16 x 16-foot HOUSE for a family of 5. That is the size of most American garden sheds... and this is their new house. One they are very grateful to be receiving. It will have cement floors and a door that can lock! There are many differences between our life and theirs, but I find myself thinking back to those experiences often. How these people are happy, despite the “lack” in their lives. They are fulfilled. They are so grateful for this offering because it is more than they had before. It is a huge change in their lifestyle. Some of these families have been on a waitlist for a home for years. They have prayed and worked towards providing better for their families and then their prayer comes to fruition and they are so grateful.   

Finding happiness is never in the number of things you have, it’s not in how big your house is, or how new your car is. It is not in the number on the scale or the number in your bank account. Happiness is in the gratitude for what you have. It is in the joy and pleasure that comes from appreciating each tiny piece of the world around you. It is in recognizing the times when your prayers have been answered, and in the gifts of unanswered prayers. Happiness is in your ability to enjoy life as it is, as you are, right this second.   

Gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions that exist. The more time you spend expressing gratitude for what you have, the higher your body’s frequency becomes. These high-frequency energies help to reduce stress and ease pain. Raise your vibration, just by being thankful. Take a minute today—we really should do this every day—and reflect on all that you have been blessed with. Eyes to see the sunrise, hands to pet your animals and hold your babies, legs to carry you through the day, a home, a vehicle, food, a cozy bed, a job that pays you a fair wage, a community you’re safe to walk around in... the list goes on... and on... and on...   

I am so grateful that you allow me to serve you with these gifts I have been given. I pray for nothing less than love and light in your life.   


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