Heal First, Grow Later

Oct 26, 2022

While we know it is better to be a lighthouse in someone else's storm, than to join in their chaos, what happens when that chaos is yours? What do you do when you’re in the middle of your own storm? 


When we feel overwhelmed and lost in the hustle, we often do not take care of ourselves. Our energy is low, we are burnt out, exhausted, and feeling lackluster about life. Some circles tell you this is normal,  this is "adulting", and this is life. Others tell you this is abnormal, you're not handling life well, and you need help. Then there's the group that will encourage you to find yourself-read the books,  buy the journals,  and just get better. 


I'm not here to judge or to tell you which of these paths is better than the rest. No, let's look at life a little differently.  


There are many different seasons of life.  Some are busy and hectic, others are slow and steady. Some bring stress and hardship,  other seasons are pure joy and love.  Each of these moments needs to be recognized for what they are. Your reality for a short time. A season in your lifetime. Not your forever, not ‘just the way life is’, but the way life is in this moment. 


Self-development is not a season in itself though. It is an ever-evolving product of the lessons each season of life teaches you. 


Consider this example. 


Call self-development your home (shelter, safety, security). No matter what is going on in your life,  you always need a place to lay your head down at night. In some seasons,  that place is an apartment. In others, it's a 5-star hotel. And in others, it's your dream home.  As you grow and evolve, your 'home' does too. Here's the thing though,  you're not going to be building your dream home in the middle of a storm, right? You would wait for the storm to pass, maybe collecting your supplies, and once the sky is clear, then you build. 


Managing your self-development journey is no different. Sometimes,  as you navigate the chaos, you just focus on protecting your home. No embellishments, no upgrades, no changes. In other words,  when you're feeling burnout, overwhelmed, and exhausted, you focus on maintaining not growing by leaps and bounds. 


When the immediate threat to your sanity has passed (your child's grades are up,  that health scare has been resolved, you've settled into your new job, etc.), you can focus on growth again. Then you get back to work building that dream home. As you recognize the season of life you are in at this moment, allow yourself to distinguish between a season of transition, healing, or growing. You wouldn’t start building in the middle of a blizzard; don’t expect great growth in a season of healing. Heal first, grow after. 


No matter where you're at,  Purely You has an option for you.  One-on-one sessions to survive the storm and coaching to build your dream house.  Book a session here!


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