Healing Crystals

Apr 08, 2020

I have always loved rocks. For as long as I can remember I have been picking them up and carrying them around. As I got older, I began to realize that rocks or crystals have their own vibration. Their own energy. I love the idea that it took millions of years to form that crystal. That means it holds millions of years of wisdom. Like Grandmother Willow on Pocahontas, only MORE. Just like each cell and every emotion has a specific vibration, every type of crystal has its own vibration too. Some of them have a vibration that is useful for healing a particular ailment. I have used crystals in my sessions for years and find them to be a wonderful tool with some clients. I am almost always wearing a crystal or stone in my jewelry and have them placed all over the house-partly because I just love rocks, but also because they serve a purpose.  

There are way more crystals in the world than I could even begin to know, understand and share with you. But there are a few that are versatile, fairly easy to find, and beneficial for so many things. I’ll share with you my favorite five, what purpose they can serve, and what I use them for.  

Amethyst: I got my first Amethyst on vacation in the 4th grade. It is a beautiful purple crystal that is what I like to call a “jack of all trades” in spirituality.  It is great for enhancing spiritual awareness, promoting the love of the Divine/God, encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It helps with emotional centering and opening intuition. It aids in sleep and helps to shift negative energies into higher vibrations. It is also great for relieving stress, supporting the immune system and helps to heal dis-ease in the lungs and respiratory tract. I often wear it on a necklace when I need to trust my intuition over my logical brain, or when I’m feeling a little disconnected from my faith and spirituality.   

Rose Quartz: We used to find rose quartz when we were out hiking as a child, my mom has a couple of large stones placed at the entrance to her house. It is usually pink in color, hence the ‘rose’ part of its name. Rose Quartz is another one of those stones I use for many different purposes. It is great for teaching us all about love. It opens the heart and supports any inner healing and self-love that is necessary, as well as attracting love into your life. Whether romantic or supportive, this stone is helpful at your bedside or worn near the heart. It is great at strengthening our empathy towards others as well as acceptance of changes that are necessary. As it aids all things with the heart chakra, it is also great at supporting the release of any unexpressed emotions. I love the calming effect of rose quartz and the loving energy it brings out in me. I use this stone especially through times when only love can prevail.  

Citrine: Citrine is usually yellow/orange/brown in color and it is my favorite cleansing stone. It is a rock that never needs “recharged” (more on charging later) or cleansed itself and it absorbs any negative energies surrounding it. I have these stones placed in almost every room of my house and tend to keep one in my pocket during especially tough situations. Not only does it absorb that negative energy but it also helps to recreate balance in all systems of the body. It helps raise self-esteem and encourages you to express yourself. It is a stone that always promotes joy, happiness, and abundance. I love this stone when life has just gotten the best of me or a situation has really gotten under my skin. My clients know this stone best as the two spheres they may hold during their sessions.  

Tiger’s Eye: Tigers eye is a pretty gold and brown color, but can also be pink, blue or red. I have only personally seen the gold/brown type of this stone. It is great for helping you to get and stay grounded. It is also good for balancing the energies of the lower chakras (solar plexus, sacral, and root). It is great for helping you to realize what you really need versus what you want and supports the balance between both hemispheres of the brain. This balance helps you to make decisions that are based on both logic and intuition, or your heart AND your head. I also love it for balancing moods and helping to aid any struggles with self-worth, criticism or blocked creativity.  

Jaspers: I love all the jaspers, but the red jaspers are my favorite. Jaspers are great for supporting you when you’re stressed and feeds a desire to help those around you. It too is a great grounding stone and absorbs negative energies as well. It aids in encouragement to be honest and helps you see a project or idea through to success. I love red jasper particularly because it is great for identifying and dealing with problems before they’re too big to handle. It is also great for calming the mind and cleansing your energetic field (aura).  


Most of what I know about crystals I have learned from a book called The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I use them intuitively and then look them up when I’m ready to learn about them. When I purchase a stone in a store, I never buy one based on what it’s called or what the tag says its “good for.”  I buy it because I am drawn to it and because that particular stone feels good to me that day. I’ve done the same when I buy crystal jewelry. It is a fun way to connect to your intuition as well. Picking up a stone or piece of stone jewelry and asking your intuition if that will serve you. Always trust your gut, even if it’s pretty, if it doesn’t feel good to you, there’s a reason for that. Only purchase the crystals that feel good to you.  

Any time you buy a stone or are gifted one, it should be cleansed. As a general rule of thumb, they should be cleansed after wearing or used in any form of healing or meditation.  I use healing energy to do this, but there are other methods for cleansing your stones. If you’re near the ocean, immersing your stones in seawater is wonderful. Leaving them in sea salt or rock salt overnight will cleanse them, just be sure to clean all the salt off before storing them again and toss that salt as it has absorbed the un-serving energies from the stones. I’m also a fan of leaving them out in a full moon overnight. Please note that some stones fade in the sunlight so they may lose their color if you also leave them out all day. Jasper, clear quartz and citrine are good for cleansing other stones, but if you use one to clean another, then your cleansing stone will need to be cleansed (except citrine). Burying them in natural dirt is another way to recharge them, just be sure to use “pure” dirt and not potting soil or a soil that is laden with chemical toxins from fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide.  

Crystals are a great tool to aid in healing and self-discovery, besides that they make some beautiful jewelry too. I’d love to hear about your favorite crystals, show me your rock collection!  

May nothing less than love, light and pretty stones find their way to you.  


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