On Your Heart

Dec 22, 2021

What desires, goals, or dreams have been placed on your heart? I’m not just talking about sleeping in every day or your favorite drink from the coffee shop. Let’s get a little deeper than that… What are the things that you keep coming back to? Those dreams that just never go away? 


Maybe it’s having all your family together for a meal. 

Maybe it’s selling your paintings. 

Maybe it’s teaching kiddos how to work through their emotions on the back of a horse. 

Maybe it’s having an exceptional relationship with your partner. 

Maybe it’s running an animal sanctuary where you rescue pets from being euthanized. 

Maybe it’s finding peace and joy in your life again.

Maybe it’s something else entirely… 


These goals have been placed on your heart for a reason. Not just to daydream about it while you’re stuck in your 9 to 5. Not just to be that thing you never quite accomplished. 


No, these things were put on your heart because you are meant to do them. I can 100% honestly tell you that no part of me has ever dreamt of becoming an accountant. I love math and problem-solving, but there is not one fiber of my being that wants to spend all my time in accounting. That desire has never been placed on my heart. I love children and caring for others, but I have never had a desire to run my own daycare. But I know accountants and I know daycare providers who are absolutely happy with the path they chose. Why? Simply because it was placed on their heart to do those things. 


So again I ask you, what is on your heart? And what is stopping you from chasing that dream? 


If I were to guess I’d say it’s probably one of the following:


  1. Fear. Fear of judgment, fear of financial instability, fear of failure. 
  2. Finances. 
  3. Time. 


And here’s how I’d respond. 

  1. Faith over fear always. Again, this dream was put on your heart for a reason. The world needs what you have to offer and only you can offer it in the unique way that you have. Other people's opinions are more about them than you anyway. Being smart about how you manage the finances involved will prevent instability and if your goals are right, you can never fail. For instance, my goal is never to change the world, it is to help one person’s world change. I cannot fail as long as I continue to do this work, one person, at a time. 
  2. Finances. There are so many options for financial support when starting a new business or chasing a new dream. Whether that's through a loan, or just slowly chipping away with a few bucks here and there. The amazing thing about chasing your dreams is that as soon as you’ve decided to work towards it, what you need will begin coming towards you too. 
  3. Time. If you’ve been following me for a while you know my thoughts on time. We all get the same 24 hours in a day so it’s less about having time and more about deciding to chase that dream with your time instead of binging Netflix or scrolling on your phone. Prioritizing the things you want and choosing them over something else. That’s where you find the time.  


So the next time that dream, desire, or goal sneaks its way out of your subconscious, give it a little more thought. Allow yourself to see the possibilities. What would your life look like if you embraced the desire in your heart? 


If finding peace and joy in your life is one of those desires, I’d love to guide you through it. Let’s hop on a call to discuss the ways we can make it happen for you. 


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