Are You Creating a Hostile Environment?

Nov 23, 2022

Think about how you’d feel at work if your boss expected 100% perfection in every single moment of every single day. Anything less than 100% was grounds for disciplinary action. If there was no room for human error or an off day, it would leave you feeling inadequate, nervous, fearful, and likely unhappy in your job. That constant pressure would make for a hostile work environment and would likely not allow you to grow, only survive. 


I don’t know about you, but I likely would not remain in that kind of work environment. What about the environment you create in your own head? Are you expecting perfection out of yourself day in and day out? Are you beating yourself up multiple times a day for being “inadequate” in some way, shape, or form? There is a fine line between holding yourself accountable and beating yourself up. While it is important and in most ways vital that we hold ourselves to a particular level of excellence, it is also important that we give ourselves grace. 


Living in a hostile environment is a surefire way to prevent your own growth and development. When you’re hard on yourself, it keeps you stuck in one place. It keeps you in that moment awaiting perfection and lowering your vibration every time you don’t reach it. It is not motivation to be better, instead, it is a fear of being worse. Subtle difference? Maybe. But the result is far from it. 


Consider what would happen if you loved yourself unconditionally. What would happen if instead of beating yourself up and chastising your every move you celebrated your successes, no matter how small? Remember all living things need a supportive environment to grow. Plants need healthy soil, sunshine, and water. Animals need balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and safety. And you? You need love. 


Love motivates, encourages, supports, and makes room for growth. Give yourself the grace you deserve. This is not the time to argue. You don’t get to immediately retort and tell me stories about how you don’t deserve grace. Nope. That is just a knee-jerk reaction. It is time to re-write those stories. It is time to create an environment for yourself that allows growth. 


Start by recognizing every time you are unnecessarily hard on yourself. Follow that up with offering a little more grace. Then begin to rewrite your story. When you’re ready for a little help changing those habits, get on my calendar!


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