I Challenge You

Jul 20, 2021

Most of my clients will tell me that they love working with me because I don’t sugarcoat things. I’m going to tell you exactly how it is. My patients and their families will say the same thing. Sometimes, those things are hard to hear. I understand it is hard and that’s why I say it. 


No, I don’t enjoy bursting your bubble, but I do enjoy watching you grow and succeed. You don’t work with me, or even read these blogs because you want to hear that you’re a perfect human being and you could do nothing better, and if something goes wrong it is always someone else’s fault. No… you’re here to grow. You’re here to get tips, tricks, and insights that help guide you to become the purest version of yourself that you can be. You’re here to gain a new perspective and make lasting changes in your life that lead you to peace and happiness and out of burnout and exhaustion.


The journey isn’t always butterflies and rainbows. It is hard. It’s the 3rd-rep-of-your-max-weight hard. It’s the last-push-before-baby-is-born hard. It’s the biggest-test-of-your-life hard. It’s tough-breakup hard. It’s make-it-through-the-week-with-$10-to-your-name hard. It’s hearing the words, “there is no heartbeat” hard. It’s “Mom I hate you” hard. It’s “Mom I need you” hard… It. Is. Hard.


But we know every time we are challenged we grow. Every time life gets hard, we are being given opportunities to become stronger. Every time we lean into those discomforts we learn a little more about how to become Purely You. And that is what I’m here for. 


I’m not here to let you keep on keeping on. I’m not here to let you get away with actions that don’t serve you. I’m not here to smile and nod when inside I’m thinking, “girl, what are you thinking?!” 


No, I’m here to challenge you. 


I’m here to push you to become your best self. 


I’m here to guide and encourage you on this journey, offering all the support and wisdom I can so you can live a life that you’re proud of, one that you feel good about. 


I will never sell you butterflies and rainbows. Instead, I’ll give you the tools you need to find your own butterflies and paint your own rainbows. 


After all, isn’t living life as Purely You all about creating a life that is uniquely yours? 


Yes, I think so and I cannot wait to see what yours looks like.


Today I challenge you to pick one thing. One thing that helps you feel like your best self. And participate in that every day for 7 days. You can do anything for 7 days! Let me hear it: Challenge Accepted!


If you’re ready for some guidance, wisdom, and tough love as you recover from burnout and make the changes necessary to be able to give your family the best of you instead of what is left of you, book your Breakthrough Burnout Session today! I cannot wait to see how much your life changes with the right encouragement. 


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