I'm sorry... I just had to share

Nov 09, 2022

I'm sorry,  I just had to share

Have you ever heard the phrase,  "seen and not heard"? In past generations, it was believed that this should be true of women and even of children. Thankfully,  this belief system is primarily one of the past.  However,  old habits die hard… we still see remnants of that teaching in common behaviors today.  


One example of this is when we hear someone say,  "I'm sorry,  I just had to share…" 


As in,  "I have something on my heart that I'd like to share,  but I feel bad about drawing attention to myself." 


It is likely not conscious, you might not even realize you’re doing it. But I hear and read some semblance of that phrase far too often. 


We apologize for taking up space,  for being noticed, and for asking to be heard. We apologize for sharing stories, thoughts, ideas, and opinions. We apologize for something we really are not sorry for, but we the apology provides an escape door if no one is interested, in agreement, or fascinated with your thoughts. 


Imagine what your life could look like if you shared what was on your heart without fear. Suppose you were SEEN AND HEARD every day.  Imagine the peace you could experience, the miscommunication that could be resolved, and the happiness you'd create if you stopped apologizing and holding back. 


This doesn't have to look like you burning bras on your front lawn.  It might just start with you allowing yourself to take up space.  Allowing yourself to be heard.  Allowing yourself to share your heart without apologizing. 


Your thoughts,  feelings,  and opinions are valid. You are allowed to be heard. You are allowed to speak your truth. Even if your thoughts are unique to those around you.  Being different is all the reason you need to show up unapologetically. 


Listen to yourself this week. Be aware of how many times you say,  "I'm sorry but…" Then ask yourself,  what am I really sorry for?  


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