Intuition Vs. Ego

Feb 05, 2020
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Intuition Vs. Ego

Are you an NCIS fan? Gibbs is known for his "gut." That instinct he uses to make impossible judgment calls that always lead to the perfect outcome. I mean yes, this is a TV show we are talking about, but trusting your gut is a real thing! If you're not an NCIS fan maybe you've heard the phrase, "a mother's intuition." Or maybe you've been in a situation where you got a feeling deep in the pit of your stomach that told you something wasn't quite right. Each of these is talking about the same thing. Your intuition aka your divine guidance. We are all born with the ability to be aware of that guidance. As babies, it is this intuition that guides us to take our first breath, how to nurse, and how to trust when we are safe and unsafe. New parents, were you ever told that if you are calm your baby will be calm? That is in part because they can intuitively sense the different vibrations between their seemingly safe world and your stressed-out "unsafe" one. Children use their intuition when someone feels inherently safe, and unsafe that is why they tend to make friends with a lot of people without wondering if they should talk to them or not. As we grow we are taught to heighten our awareness when we feel the hairs on the back of our neck stand up. You feel uncomfortable in a room alone with someone, so you get out. You get a feeling that you're forgetting something before leaving the house and get to work to realize you left your presentation on the printer. On the flip side, you "just know" that this is the job to take, this is the person you need to befriend, or you need to call home and check-in. All of these signals are our Intuition's way of notifying us of something unsafe or out of our alignment, or that we need to be doing something different. These nudges come differently for everyone, but they do exist in each one of us. 

Learning to hear and trust your intuition is a skill that many of us lost as young children. Coming back to it certainly takes some practice. To start, you must be able to identify the difference between your ego and your intuition. Ego is your brain. It is your human self that is defined by the social constructs and routines of how you were raised. Ego-guided nudges will always have an emotion attached to them. Intuitive nudges have no emotion, they just are. The best example of this that I can give is when we compare these two statements. 

1. 2+2=4

2. He is THE ONE! 

Maybe for you, both of these things are true, but can you feel the difference in reading the math fact, versus the exciting revelation? Intuitive hits are always factual. It might not be what you want to hear, but it is truth, fact, monotone. Ego will always feel exciting, or sad, or curious. Ego will always try to logic you out of intuition. Intuition says, "you forgot something" Ego follows that with, "no I have my keys, phone, and purse I'm good." 

The trick to getting better at hearing your intuition is to listen! Start with those little moments like when you feel as if you're forgetting something. Call the person that is on your mind. Take the long way home or make an unplanned stop at the store. Don't let your Ego logic you out of the nudges. When you start with the decisions that don't seemingly carry a lot of weight, it becomes easier to trust your intuition with the big decisions that do. 

I also encourage you to practice with yes/no questions. Your 'yes' will have a feel that is different from your 'no.' Things like should I mail this today? Should I wear red today? Is this the right choice? Is Mom available to talk right now? Does this nourish my body? Is this person a good choice for me right now? etc. If you get a "yes" then you're all set. If you get a "YES!!!" then that is more likely Ego and you need to try again. Do you see the difference? Sometimes yes has a feel or specific reaction in the body and no has no effect, so the absence of a reaction is your answer. Every single body is different; you must learn your own. 

If you're looking for more guidance on this topic I highly encourage you to read the book, A Still Small Voice by Echo Bodine. This is a great intro to learning about your intuition and understanding it better.

May all your decisions be in alignment with your soul purpose and nothing less than love and light enter your space! 


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