Grateful for the Lessons

Nov 24, 2021

It is often said in the “coaching world” that we teach that which we need to learn. My goodness, how true that is. So often I find myself saying things in a session with a client and thinking, “Self, pay attention. You needed to hear that too!” The wisdom I have been blessed with over the last 7 years of this work has helped me to grow and evolve just as much as my clients do. As we’re all in the spirit of offering gratitude, I have to share my gratefulness for these lessons! I am a human and I face challenges just like you do. Sometimes I forget to ground, sometimes I don’t say “no” often enough, sometimes I don’t make self-care a priority and I end up burnt out… We are not meant to be perfect on this journey called life, we are simply meant to find peace in the process. Every time I find myself a little off, I remember the lessons I have learned from my clients. The ones that blow my mind and speak straight to my soul. And then I smile in awe and think, “Wow! I am so blessed to be on this journey!” I share a version of these lessons with you once a week, but today I’m sharing my big 5. Five of the biggest lessons I have learned through my clients, while also struggling with a similar situation myself. 


Thank you for teaching me as much as I teach you. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours. God Bless you today and always. 

  1. Have faith and trust. This wild ride called life has so many twists and turns, ups, and downs, but the biggest thing I have learned through this practice (and life itself) is that everything always works out exactly as it is meant to. There’s so much more at play than what really meets the eye. Learning to trust our gut feelings, trust our hearts, and trust our own knowledge certainly changes how we show up in the world. Faith in knowing that God will lead you to exactly the right people, places, and experiences to grow and evolve. Faith in knowing that everything happens for a reason in our lives. Trust and faith carry me through. 
  2. Boundaries. These are so important. Knowing what your boundaries are, honoring them, and living by them makes such a huge difference in how you live your life. From the type of energy you allow into your space, to the time you spend working towards your goals, to the amount of sleep you get at night. These things are all affected by the boundaries you set in your life. I first began to learn to honor my boundaries early in this business. Between my full-time nurse job, part-time job waitressing, and part-time as a healer, I had very little time for other things. It became very important for me to honor boundaries with my patients, co-workers, regulars, and clients. I lost ‘friends’ when I began to protect my space, but boy did it open up room for growth and even better relationships!
  3. Own Your Power! Have you ever heard that quote that goes, “What if I fall? But oh my darling, what if you fly?” If every woman on the planet could step into her power, her truest version of herself, and live her life with no apologies, we could change the world. We are still working hard to break some of the “be seen, not heard” lessons of the past. We are now taught that you can’t have emotions without sacrificing leadership roles. There is much work to do in society yet. But on our personal journeys, if we step into our purest selves and live life with a little bit more fervor, there is so much less pain and discontent. 
  4. Happiness/Peace comes from within. Many people use other things or even other people to supply their happiness. They search for it in their jobs, their love lives, their kids, their friends, sometimes even food, drinks, or substances. Here’s what I know: while we may experience happiness with our friends, family, etc, we are not happy until we find happiness inside of ourselves. We do not find peace until we find it inside of ourselves. It may sound cliche, but it is the truth. Happiness and peace cannot come from another person or thing, it comes from your ability to find peace despite the people and things. 
  5. We are all constantly growing and evolving. Society is so good at creating milestones and accolades for us as we grow. There are perfect attendance awards just for showing up every day to grade school. There are graduations and parties and celebrations all along the way. Then we get to “adulthood” and there isn’t much left by way of “celebrated milestones.” You don’t get perfect attendance at work. You don’t get a celebration for moving on to the next year of your career. You don’t get recognized for getting a 100% on your spelling test, or in adulthood-doing your job the right way. And so we forget. We forget that we are still growing and learning things. We forget that there are still different seasons of life and each season requires a different version of us. We forget that we evolve tremendously in each of those seasons. 


As a bonus, I have also seen firsthand what gratitude can do to change your life. Today, and every day I am so grateful to be on this journey, and I am so grateful that you are a part of it with me. 


Now, I want to hear from you. Tell me something you’re grateful for, or a lesson you’ve learned in your work with Purely You Healing! 


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