Let it all go...

Jan 22, 2020
Purely You Healing
Let it all go...

Have you ever felt like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Like you just need a breather, a break, a minute to be? Maybe you're the mom who has cried in the shower or at the kitchen sink, because that weight has to be released somehow. Most women will tell me, "there's not time." There's too much to get done to take a vacation or to even take a "day off." And that may be true. BUT... you don't necessarily need a vacation to release some of these burdens. You don't need a day off (although I don't discourage a good vaca, or stay-cation once in awhile), what you need is to learn how to carry the burdens that are only yours and more importantly, release the ones that are not. 

Two weeks ago we talked about recognizing the burdens that are not yours and leaving them where they are. Today, we're going to dive into how to release the ones you're already carrying. Often times, we think it is our responsibility to carry the weight of the world. Someone we love is hurting, so we carry their hurt. Or we hold onto old trauma and drama that no longer serves us. This causes some serious disruptions in your well-being. Think about your kiddo's back pack. At one point you needed to carry everything for them. That is why you had a diaper bag. As your kids grow and become more independent they begin carrying their own necessities. Then they get a school back pack. Everything in that pack is theirs. And they drop it at your feet and say, "here mom." And you cringe. You cringe because your hands are already full. Because they are capable of carrying it on their own. Because you're not their pack horse. Because they need to learn to be responsible for their own things etc etc etc. 

The same reaction should exist when someone comes to you and wants to drop their energetic back pack at your feet. We call it baggage for a reason friend. Yes, everyone has some. And yes, some people process it best by talking it out, saying it all out loud and using a trusted friend as a sounding board-where are my extroverts at?! BUT talking it out and handing it over are two different things. It is our responsibility, no matter what side of that coin you're on, to only take home that which is yours. Carry your own bags. 

The flip side to this is when you have not yet processed or chosen to let go of the old stuff. See, we experience certain events and are a part of specific situations to help us learn and grow in this life. But if we don't learn the lessons being presented to us we remain stuck. Like being held back in first grade, we don't move forward until we have learned what is necessary. Once we have mastered our skills we are able to move on and head into the next big adventure. Here's another way to look at it. Remember when you were first learning how to ride a bike and you had training wheels. These little wheels helped keep your balance so you didn't tip over as you learned how to stay upright on your own. A few scraped knees and alligator tears later, you were able to ditch those training wheels and race around the block with your friends. You released that which no longer served you. Necessary at one point in your life, but is no longer. We must do that with the events that occur in our lives too. Not just in learning physical skills, but emotional and energetic ones as well. 

Can you think of anything you're still holding onto, even though you've grown past it? Think about your life when you did still have training wheels. Or when shoulder pads were a thing. When you used sparkly blue eyes shadow. Or had your first car. Maybe your first apartment or house. Or when you had a constant supply of Aquanet. So much has changed since then, are you holding onto something that no longer serves you? 

Sure, you might be thinking that the Aquanet days were 40 years ago (!!!) and have nothing to do with who you are today, but the person you were then still exists inside of you. Humans are not like Rodney Copperbottom (watch the movie Robots if you don't know what I'm talking about here) that get to toss aside our shell and replace it with a new one as we grow. We're more like Russian Nesting Dolls. All you see is the biggest one on the outside, but our same small self still exists deep down inside. If you're holding onto traumas and dramas from your small days, it is time to release them and move on. You do not need the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your trauma does not define you. It is time to let it all go. It is also not your responsibility to carry someone else's baggage. It is time to make a change. 

There are many ways you can work on releasing these burdens. Of course my favorite is a session with an Energy Healer of some kind, whether that is Reiki, Biofeedback, Body Talk, Core Synchronization, or any of the other modalities, energy healing is very beneficial in releasing anything that is no longer serving you. Journaling or writing letters, creating a burn list, getting grounded, guided meditations, smudging, therapy, and adopting a growth mindset are all ways you can work to release these traumas and dramas. I have created a breakdown of my 5 favorite techniques and have it for you here. These are easy to implement and require very little supplies (if any) to make some big changes in your life!

Whatever path you take, I hope you are constantly working to maintain your purest self. May nothing less than love and light reside in your space. 


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