Love and Light

Mar 17, 2021

Remember when we talked about vibrations and frequency? How emotions like love, happiness, and joy have a higher vibration than grief, anger, fear, and hate? Let’s consider a different set of frequencies for a minute. Remember those days before Sirius XM and being able to carry the worldwide web in your pocket? If you wanted to listen to a particular type of music you spun a dial on the radio until you landed on the right frequency to tune into that station. The beauty of this is that because you were on a specific frequency, you only heard what was playing on that frequency. There are a million different sound waves floating around all the time, but you only hear the ones you’re tuned in to. We don’t hear the conversation of the pilots above us, you don’t hear the walkie-talkie conversations between law enforcement. We are unaware of the sound waves between employees at a retail store or a phone conversation the neighbor is having. All of these sound waves are on different frequencies, so just like the next station on the radio, we are unaware of them unless we tune into them. 


Consider the frequency of love. It is one of the highest vibrations. Just like listening to a particular station on the radio, if you tune into the frequency of love, you become unaware of all the others. See, if you allow yourself to “listen” at that frequency, you don’t hear anything else. You don’t hear the hate from others. You don’t hear the resentment. You don’t hear the anger. You know it’s out there and you’re free to tune into it at any time, but you don’t HAVE to let it into your space. You don’t HAVE to listen to that noise if you don’t want to. You can choose stations like joy, happiness, and peace instead of stations of hate, resentment, anger, and fear. When you choose to only tune into love, there’s no room for any emotion of a lower frequency. It’s amazing, isn’t it! 


Here’s a different way to look at this. Those higher-frequency emotions are brighter than their lower-frequency counterparts. We know that there can be no darkness where there is light. Bring light into your space. You don’t have to sit in the dark and twisty room of anger or resentment. You don’t have to be trying to feel your way around grief. You can shed light on these spaces with a little love, compassion, or joy. It may not chase all the darkness away, but it can serve as a candle in the corner of the room. It can keep you from walking through that grief blind. Allow love, compassion, joy, forgiveness to be your light at the end of the tunnel. Allow that higher frequency to be the station your looking for as you turn that dial. Allow nothing less than love and light into your space. 


Bring some light into your space with this white light meditation


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