Your Existence is Mind-Boggling!

Feb 08, 2023

Have you ever considered how mind-boggling it is that you even exist on this planet at this moment in time? That out of all the billions of cells that collide every day in the Universe, the perfect two met up and created you? And you were born to your specific parents, in a home that was exactly what you needed it to be, in a country that was exactly what you needed it to be, in an era that was exactly what you needed it to be. Your soul just as easily could have been born to a family on the other side of the world. Imagine how different your life would be then! 


It’s kind of trippy, huh? 


It’s REALLY trippy when you realize not just how blessed you are for having been brought into this moment in time, but that your kids were too. They chose you, Mama. They chose this life. They chose to be born to you and your partner when you were that exact age because they needed that version of you to learn their lessons on this trip to Earth. 


Maybe they chose to be in your life when you had a lot of growing up to do, so they knew how to grow up too. Maybe they chose to enter your life when you were hurting and they gave you something to live for. Maybe they came into your world after years of yearning because they needed to be with parents who knew perseverance. 


Whatever the reason those little souls chose you to be their Mama, you can bet your bottom dollar they did it with purpose. Sometimes it is hard to see that purpose… but it is there. 


If you’re struggling to find your calling or feeling like your only job is to pick up that toy for the 70 millionth time this week take a step back and look at your babies. Look at the way you’ve grown and expanded since they came into your life. Look at the way you can read their expressions, know their heart, and can guide them into feeling at peace and feeling loved. 


Now tell me that your only purpose on this planet is picking up toys. 


You are so much more than a housekeeper, chauffeur, and chef. You are so much more than a referee, a nurse, and an alarm clock. You are a mother. You are a beacon of light. You are a safe harbor. You are the human your kiddo chose to be theirs for the most important years of their life. 


Celebrate that badge of honor. Even if the badge looks like spit up on your shirt. 


Trust that you are exactly who your kids need. Trust that as they grow and evolve, they need you to as well. They will need a different version of you as a newborn than they need as an 8-year-old and a different version yet as a 28-year-old. It is okay to take the time to grow, your kids do it every day! They teach us just as much in this life as we teach them. 


So when you have that little nudge on your heart to work on yourself. To set some different priorities and be a better version of yourself, trust that your kids will be along for the ride. Imagine the example you’re setting for them when you teach them to value self-care, boundaries, and growth. 


Remember mama, you chose to be here in this lifetime and your kids chose to join you. Make the most of it! 


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