Staying Motivated

Jan 05, 2022

The start of a new year, a new month, a new job, a new adventure creates an energy of new goals, dreams, and motivations. Have you ever noticed how the luster and excitement of starting something new wears off and all of a sudden you’re not interested anymore? Maybe you have a pile of yarn from that new crocheting hobby you were going to take up. Maybe you have an online course you bought to learn a new skill or some self-development. Maybe you bought a membership for a gym that you used 4 times and have never been back. Not because you didn’t enjoy any of it, but because the new wore off. Don’t judge yourself for this, it happens to the best of us—92% of us according to So, what on earth are you supposed to do to stay motivated?


Step one: Stop shoulding on yourself.


So often we do things because we “should.” I should be going to the gym, so I’ll buy a membership. I should have a hobby to relax, so I’ll take up this new craft. I should want to further develop my skills or my personal growth, so I’ll purchase this course. I should be a better housekeeper so I’ll create a chore schedule. I should, I should, I should.


Participating in anything because you should, is never enough to keep you going. Should isn’t motivation, it’s guilt and guilt fades with the setting sun. Step one to saying motivated is finding a reason bigger than “should.” Maybe it is for more peace in your life, less stress, less joint pain, more energy, more longevity, a bigger impact, a lifelog legacy, a happier marriage/household, more financial freedom etc. All of these things carry more weight than a “should.”

Listen to the difference:

I should workout today. Vs. I will move my body to burn off some stress.

I should take up knitting. Vs. I find so much peace in working with my hands.

I should eat a salad. Vs. I feel so much better in the afternoon when I eat fewer carbs at lunch.

I should read this book on parenting. Vs. Learning a new way to communicate will help us have a happier home.


Do you see how one carries guilt and one carries excitement, flexibility, and potential?


Step 2: Schedule it in and do it anyway.


When the new wears off and our excitement begins to fade, it becomes so easy to find other, more important, things to do. I’ll sit down to work on that course after I scrub the tub, after I finish laundry, after I organize this junk drawer, after I scroll through Facebook or TikTok for an hour… Obviously, some things come up that are out of our control. But consider this: if the tasks getting in the way of your goals would not get in the way of a doctor’s appointment, they can wait. Schedule into your day some time to participate in this new thing. Maybe it’s right away in the morning, maybe it’s during nap time, maybe it’s the 30 minutes before bed. Whatever the case, it’s on the calendar and you honor it no matter what. Your goals and desires are just as important as getting the kids to the dentist or making your doctor’s appointment.


Step three: Lots of grace.


Have you ever had a thought similar to this… “well I haven’t been to the gym in 3 days, I’m a failure.”? This is dumb. I never finish anything. I might as well cancel my membership.” Maybe it’s not the gym, but the theory is the same. Here’s where the grace comes in. Instead of, “I just can’t stick with it” we change that mindset to: “I’ll go again today.” Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 2 days a week where you’re building on your goals will still get you there faster than not building on them at all. Try, try again. A 20-minute mile is still faster than the person on the couch. Practice makes perfect… etc.

You are in control of how you spend your time and energy. Even if yesterday didn’t go as planned, today is still in your control. Today there is still hope. Your kiddo likely didn’t give up when mastering the skill of riding a bike, even if they didn’t practice every day. You offer yourself the same grace, the same perseverance, and keep working towards those goals.


I know you can accomplish any desire that is on your heart. I’m here to cheer you on along the way!


If you’re ready for some one-on-one cheerleading, let’s book a call to discuss how I can best serve you as you work to accomplish those goals that you have. You’ll find my schedule here!


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