How I became Purely You

Apr 22, 2020

My story starts when I was a young child. For as long as I can remember I could tell what other people were feeling. I knew where their hurts were and I was aware of when they weren’t being truthful or honest whether to me or to themselves. I remember hugging someone who was upset about something and feeling their pain. I remember praying for people when I was young and my hands getting hot in my palms as I did so. I thought all of these things were normal. I thought that is just what happened to everyone. It wasn’t until my teen years when I confided in my friends about these experiences that I realized this wasn’t normal for everyone. I quickly became insecure about it all and did everything I could to pretend like I was “normal.” I totally shut down the gifts I was given and lived in my logical brain as much as possible. In nursing school, we were exposed to alternative therapies in a few of my classes. We learned about Reiki, chiropractic care, acupuncture, EFT, massage, aromatherapy, guided imagery, and guided meditation. I was fascinated by it and even considered exploring it further. Two things were in my way though. The first was that I thought in order to do something alternative, I’d have to live in a coastal region where it was accepted and I wanted the Midwest to always be my home. The second was that I was still trying to convince myself that I was NOT capable of these things. I even wrote a reflection from one of those classes about how I believed energy work existed, but it wouldn’t work for me. If that wasn’t the Western Medicine approach coming out in me!  

As I worked through those four years of school, I was fighting an entirely different battle. In my sophomore year of college, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. The pain I experienced was such that it would wake me up at night. The OB/GYN I saw explained to me that the only real fix they had for endo was a complete hysterectomy. I was 19 so that wasn’t really an option. The next suggestion she had was that I get pregnant. She said something to the effect of “it may not fix it forever, but at least for that 9 months you’ll be pain-free.” I may have been young, but I understood that I was not helping myself in any way with this option. Sure, I might have been without endo pain for a few months, but what other discomforts would I experience during pregnancy. Besides that, I wasn’t really in a place in my life where I wanted to have a baby, that just didn’t seem like a wise solution. My next choice was surgery, an exploratory laparoscopic procedure where they “burned off” the adhesions that existed. I was hoping for something less invasive, so I settled for the final option. Hormonal birth control and extended cycling (four periods or less a year). I was on multiple different pills trying to find one that didn’t make me feel awful and helped control my pain. When nothing really worked, I finally decided to have the surgery. It helped for a little while, but not long. I went through the same process with pills for another year. When the pain affected my sleep, my school, and my workout routine I had a second surgery. In less than 6 months, the pain came back. I felt defeated. I drew on my faith and my schooling and began doing my own research. I scoured the internet and my textbooks looking for other ways to treat this pain. I found a couple of herbal remedies and started receiving acupuncture to help. They made a huge difference. The pain was still there, but I was able to sleep and even do low impact exercise again. It wasn’t great, but it was an improvement so I took it.  In this time, I had graduated from nursing school and moved 150 miles away to begin my career. This made it difficult to get to my acupuncturist regularly, but I’d still go when I could.  

I had a routine appointment scheduled with my OB/GYN one spring and made the drive to get there. Upon arriving the receptionist told me she was stuck in a labor and would be unable to make my appointment. Since I had traveled such a long way, she offered an appointment with a PA who also worked in the office. I took it, grateful it wasn’t a wasted trip. This PA took one look at my med list with the extra supplements on it and offered me a referral. She said, “It looks like you may be interested in some things that aren’t mainstream. If you’re open to it, I’d like to refer you to a Physical Therapist who specializes in pelvic pain.” I, of course, was open to anything that didn’t involve another surgery and set up an appointment. This woman was amazing and she opened my eyes to a way of healing that I had never been exposed to before. Explaining our bodies and the way we carry our tensions and different energies in different places. I was fascinated. Before my time with her was done, she asked me if she could offer me some Reiki, again with the same type of “I think you’d be open to it...” approach. I agreed and she performed what we call a Byosen scan. As her hands hovered inches away from my face, I could feel the heat coming from them. I asked if her hands were hot from the PT part of her job, and she explained to me that that heat came from the healing energy coming through them. I instantly remembered all the times this had happened to me. Despite my best efforts as I grew, the times in a patient’s room, or with my friends, or my family, and my hands would heat up and I would just sit with them offering them my prayers of healing and comfort. I finally felt like I wasn’t alone and began asking her all sorts of questions. She offered me a few books to read and referred me to an Intuitive Healer.  

This Healer was at the time trained in Body Talk, Core Synchronization, and Reiki (and maybe some other things, I’m not sure now as she has continued to develop her skills and received different education since). She helped me to understand my ailments from a totally different mindset. Then she also referred me to a Naturopathic Doctor.  

She helped me to heal my body through supplements and diet changes. I worked with these three women consistently for the following year and am happy to report I never did have that third surgery. I did, however, allow myself to become the person I was born to be. I stopped trying to hide or ignore the gifts I had. I allowed myself to become the purest version of the person God intended me to be. 

It was so clear to me that Western Medicine had failed me with a symptom management approach. They never worked to get to the root cause and focused only on managing the symptoms. They never even addressed the mental strain that was caused by this whole journey. It was in that transition from only Western Medicine, to the addition of alternative and holistic therapies that I became determined to bridge the gap between the two worlds. It was time I used my gifts and help people find the true healing that I had found. Within three months of my first appointment with the Physical Therapist, I found a Reiki class through the International Center of Reiki Training. I began seeing clients in the basement of my home on the twin mattress from my spare bedroom. Not long into my Reiki training, I realized I was still only filling part of the gap. So, I began obtaining training in different modalities. I am now a Reiki Master, a Master Herbalist, a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Women’s Healing Arts Teacher, and a Registered Nurse. I have training as a Doula, a Medical Intuitive, in Essential Oils and Healing Crystals. Each aspect of my training is offered in every session, using whichever parts of my training are needed most. I continue to work as a nurse as well as serving clients in one-on-one sessions. Nothing makes my heart soar more than knowing people are embracing who they were really meant to be and finding their peace, wellness, and happiness. I know these four women were simply doing their job when I walked into their respective offices, but they changed my life forever. I will always be grateful to them and I hope I can be a part of this kind of change for you too! I continue to work in both worlds as I know that there are times when Western Medicine is the answer. I have seen just as many miracles as a nurse as I have as a Healer. Some hospitals, especially in the coastal regions, are adopting this truly holistic care. Some have Reiki practitioners on staff and some facilities use acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, etc. Someday, that is how life will look in the Midwest too. Until then, I’ll keep living this life I live and bringing you along for the journey!  

May you always be your purest self and nothing less than love and light enter your space!  


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