Lessons in a Pandemic

Mar 31, 2021

Can you believe it’s been a year? A year since our world shut down and everything started to look different? 


I’m not here to talk the politics of it all, the policies, the economy, or what’s right or wrong. Let’s get a little deeper than that. By now we realize we are living amongst some very historical moments. Things that will be the stories you tell your grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Maybe you laugh a little about the toilet paper shortage, maybe you cry a little about the deaths that occurred… and maybe you admit that this last year changed you. 


You’ve realized the big picture change in the country and in our world, but have you seen the big picture change in yourself? Have you taken the time to reflect on everything that happened and how you’re different because of this time in history that we get to be a part of. 


I am blessed that the impact of Covid-19 was not as severe as it could have been for my family. Despite that good news, I am still changed. I still grew through the challenges the last year provided. I’m betting you did too! If you’re not nodding in agreement right now, ponder these questions a bit… 


How are my priorities different from 2020 to 2021? 

What new habits have I developed? 

What are my top 5 values? Are they different than a year ago? 

What organizations do I follow/support that are different from last year?

How do I manage my stress?
What is considered stressful? 

After surviving what looks like the height of the pandemic, here are some of the biggest lessons I have learned about myself in the last year. Yes, I teach and guide women to become the purest version of themselves, but that doesn’t mean I have it all figured out all the time. Becoming and living life as Purely You is an ongoing process. Kind of like how an alcoholic is ALWAYS in recovery, you are ALWAYS growing and evolving. Today, I’ll share my reflections from 2020 with you. 15 of the lessons I learned or areas of my life where I grew over the last year. 

  1. Family* will always be my top priority. No matter what that costs me. (*Family isn’t always blood.)
  2. I love being around people. Quarantine is NOT my idea of a good time. 
  3. It is vital for me to build my own opinions after research AND reflection. A balance of evidence-based science and intuition-what feels right. 
  4. Fight like hell for what you believe in. Your beliefs are on your heart for a reason. Speaking your truth helps others speak theirs. No judgment, just a sharing of ideas.
  5. Humans will always be egotistical first. Quick to anger, slow to forgive, and even slower to find peace again. 
  6. I very much like having a plan. I don’t mind my plans changing, but I do not like not having a direction or a plan to start with. 
  7. The ability to pivot or roll with whatever the day throws my way is a skill that I lacked before but is drastically developing now. 
  8. Preparation is key, in every facet of life. I do this well in some areas of my life, not as well in others. 
  9. You have to honor your values, no matter what society thinks of them. “Society” has no opinion, what you are exposed to as society’s ideals are the ideals of whoever is publishing the content you’re exposed to. See the ads for brands like Knotty Knickers versus the ads for brands like Victoria’s Secret and then decide which version of “society’s” opinions you’re willing to adopt. (This is a whole other blog post in the making…)
  10. If I am not careful, fear and anger can consume my peace. Protecting my peace is a priority therefore I have to work hard to rise above those emotions. This is especially difficult for me when I’m surrounded by fearful or angry people. 
  11. Many, many people present their fear with the mask of anger. In the heat of every moment, read between the lines… the anger makes so much more sense after you recognize the fear. 
  12. Stress relief or self-care can look like SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS, but it has to be included in my daily routines. 
  13. To honor my body, mind, and soul is the most productive thing I can accomplish in a day. I’m a better human when I honor myself than when I push through those nudges. 
  14. Technology is as cool as it is frustrating, but I was completely underutilizing its capabilities in my life until 2020. 
  15. When in doubt, choose peace. Always choose your peace. 

I’m sure I could go on and on, but it’s not really about me and my growth. My lessons are just an example of my experience. Now, I want to hear about yours! What top 3 lessons did the last year teach you? How are you different from the pre-corona version of yourself?


PS an extra thought: I love to teach, I really do and I have always respected our teachers for the blessings they are to society (I actually wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, but that's another story). Despite my love for teaching, I was exhausted homeschooling ONE 6 year old. My respect for the brave souls that take on 20 kids a day for a living has tripled! My dear teacher friends, thank you for what you do!


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