Patience is Hard

May 26, 2021

Remember when we talked about life school? How we are always growing and evolving and the world will continue to offer us opportunities to learn until we’ve really got those lessons nailed down? Let’s talk about learning patience. Patience is hard. It’s one of those life skills that we all need to have, but most of us struggle with it. 


What happens when you need to learn patience in life is that you are provided opportunities to be patient. Like a long check-out line. Or when your doctor is running an hour behind on the day you have an appointment. Or when you’re waiting on construction. For some of us, dial-up internet taught us patience. We have been living in a world that is so full of instant gratification that we have lost a lot of our patience. We have become a society that wants things now. If shipping takes more than 2 days I don’t want it. If the store doesn’t get their shipment in for 3 more days, I’ll just order it online. We’ve all been there. 


Maybe your opportunities to learn patience come from waiting for the perfect job opportunity. Maybe it’s waiting on a baby. Maybe it’s a child of yours that is teaching you patience. Maybe it’s the perfect home that you’re waiting for. 


It’s a hard lesson to learn, not just because of the opportunities we are given to learn it. But also because it’s not just the skill of patience that we learn. Sometimes, in learning how to be patient we also must accept that we are not really in control of certain aspects of our lives. That no matter how much you want something to become your reality, you don’t get to control all the moving pieces, some of them are beyond your grasp.


Learning patience teaches us faith. It teaches us to trust that what is meant to be for us, will come at the exact right time. Yes, this desire is on your heart right now, but now is not the right time. 


Learning patience teaches us to trust that sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. Remember that movie, Cars, when Lightning McQueen builds the road? At first, he builds it super fast, just to get it done. It’s done, but the quality is subpar. When he takes his time and builds it slowly, there is a much better result. We have to trust that we are being forced to learn patience by going slow because we are building something beautiful. We are building something that is going to last. We can’t rush that. 


See patience is multifaceted. It’s learning how to keep your heart open while you wait for the things you desire. Patience is learning how to sit still enough to allow life to bring you what you desire. Patience is building skills that will serve you while waiting for your desires to come to fruition. Patience is learning to see the world that is bigger than your own and understanding that things may not have fallen into place for you because someone else needs their pieces to fall into place first. Patience is having faith that what is meant for you will be. Yes, learning patience is hard but that is because there is so much more to patience than just learning how to wait. It’s learning how to be still, how to trust, how to recognize the world outside of your own life, how to have faith. Offer yourself some grace as you learn to be patient and recognize each struggle for what it is: a chance to grow and evolve into a better version of Purely You. 


What opportunities are you being provided to learn patience?


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