Feb 03, 2021

Perfect: being entirely without fault or defect


So often in our lives, we chase "perfect." The perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect relationship, perfect car… We put a great deal of energy into being “perfect.” 


To be entirely without fault is impossible though. We were not built that way. We were not designed to live this life without failure or defect. Yes, you were created perfect in every way, but a part of what makes you perfect are your imperfections. A part of what makes you perfect is the trial and error side of life. The times when you start as a beginner, nowhere near perfect. The times when you realize you must evolve to keep up with the world around you, and in that transition, you are not perfect. The times when life gets messy and you don’t know quite what to do, you are not perfect. 


But you are learning, growing, and evolving. THAT is perfect. 


So much of our time is spent on trying to become “perfect” or at least make it look that way on social media or our Christmas Card. Sometimes that need to look perfect hinders our ability to show up in the world at all. I’m not a perfect painter, so I’m not going to paint. I am not a perfect photographer, so I’m not going to take pictures. I am not a perfect soccer player, so I’m not going to play with my kids. I am not a perfect reader, so I will not read at church. I am not a perfect friend, so I will not make new friends. I am not a good singer, so I will not sing along with my kids in the car. I am not perfect at grilling, so I’m not going to grill. I am not a perfect partner, so I will not engage in a relationship. I am not perfect, so I will not live my life. 


Every time you let your imperfections hold you back, you are not living your best life. No one is perfect at everything. The ones who are close to perfect in their trade started as beginners too. We all have strengths and weaknesses. This is what makes the world go around. For instance, my heart is in caring for people, I do not love finances. My financial planner, however, loves finances. She has worked to hone her skill in that space, and I have worked to hone the skill in mine. I don’t let my imperfect understanding of stocks, bonds, and volatile markets get in the way of planning for my financial future. 


Don’t allow yourself to miss out on memories with your kiddos, or a great friendship, or a great way to decompress, or a fun hobby because you fear imperfection. Show up anyway. Show up, right as you are today, and do the thing that feels good. Show up as you are, and honor the desires of your heart. Set your ego aside, no one is perfect, and chances are, those in your circle won’t judge you anyway. 


Spend your energy chasing peace, joy, and memories,  leave perfect behind. 


May nothing less than love and light enter your space this week. 


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