Aug 26, 2020

Perspective is key. You can choose to see the glass half-full or half-empty. You can choose to see a loss as a failure or as a lesson. You can choose to see a dream as impossible, or a challenge to be overcome. You can choose to see someone as selfish, or someone who is hurting. You can choose to see someone as addicted or someone who needs support. You can choose to see just another rock, or you can see the pride in your child’s eyes as they hand over their prized possession. You can choose to see a rundown shack, or you can see a family’s legacy. You can choose to see another stick in the yard, or your dog's favorite toy. Do you see? Everything is about perspective.  

Often we find ourselves caught in a loop of negativity, despair, and hurt. Over and over I have heard people say some version of, “2020 is not a good year.”  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a challenge in many ways, but does that make it bad?  

Have you ever remodeled a room in your house? Or even organized the junk drawer? It’s such a project! You have to make this huge mess before you can make everything look good again, right? You may spend days with a fridge in the living room so you can finish that flooring in the kitchen. Your kitchen table may disappear under the treasures of that drawer for a few hours while you’re taking the time to clean out, throw out, and organize. It is uncomfortable in the process. Necessary, but uncomfortable. I imagine that is where we are now in society. It is time for a rebirth of sorts. In so many avenues of our lives, many of our daily activities were being done in a certain fashion because “that’s how it’s always been.” Some of the changes that have come out of necessity during this pandemic have been long overdue. Think of things like live-streamed graduation ceremonies. We have had that technology for a while now. Yet, until it was necessary, we didn’t take advantage of it. These types of changes are allowing friends and family to be witness to big events in our lives, even if they are unable to travel to the event. Yes, this year’s seniors and parents, were stripped of a traditional year, but look at this cool thing that came from it? Change your perspective.  

Take that same thought and think about the times in your life when someone has hurt you. Whether on purpose or unknowingly... Then think about what came out of that. Did that heartbreak make you stronger? Did it show you an example of how not to act? Did it teach you about a better way to handle a situation? Most likely, the answer is yes. If it’s not, then there is still a lesson to be learned from that heartache. Step back from the hurt and show yourself all the good that can come out of the discomfort. Tony Robbins has a great story about his desire to feed thousands of people every day. Because he grew up in hardship and went hungry, he chooses to feed those in hardship so they don’t have the same discomforts he had. Instead of saying, “I’m just not life is so hard... I’ll never amount to anything” he changed his perspective and said, “how can I prevent this from happening to others?” Then he used those hard-learned lessons to become successful and serve the world. Do you see the difference in that perspective? Do you see how that shift of viewpoint can totally change the outcome of the hardship?   

This week I encourage you to examine your hurts and hardships. I encourage you to explore a different perspective of each of them. Instead of, “this sucks” or “my life is hard” or “she’s so mean” I want you to really explore the other side of that coin. What can you learn? How can you grow? How can this help you to serve the world? If you feel that you can’t come to any answers about these things, please make an appointment, join the community, or come to a Becoming Purely You Retreat! A little guidance is always helpful!  

Love and light to you always 


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