Four Phases

May 12, 2021

Have you ever considered the four phases of your menstrual cycle? If you’re not trying to get pregnant (or avoid pregnancy) you might be totally unaware of the phases, with the exception of the week you bleed. Let me tell you why we need to change that. 


You know that each month your hormones fluctuate through each of the phases and each time the change, they create different desires in you. Just like Mother Nature shows off her four seasons throughout the year, you experience similar seasons throughout the month. Let’s break it down. 


Spring/Follicular phase: In this phase your body is preparing an egg for ovulation. The hormones responsible for this will make you want to plan things and create to-do lists. This would be an optimal time to create your monthly menu, shopping list, or create daycare plans for your kids. 


Summer/Ovulation: In this phase, your body releases that egg. You are now fertile. All the hormones required to allow you to be fertile are the same ones that encourage you to be a social butterfly. You want to be around all of the people doing all of the things this week. A word of caution: when you make plans, schedule them during this time, but be mindful when you’re offered invitations during ovulation. You’ll want to say yes to everything, but this energy is fleeting. Don’t agree to something planned for your week of menstruation until you're past the social butterfly energy of ovulation. 


Fall/Luteal: In this phase, your body prepares to become pregnant. This is the longest phase of your cycle and you’re likely to experience a “get things done” type of energy. This is the time of the month when you’ll complete those tasks on your to-do list from your follicular phase. If you need something re-organized, this is the week to get that done! 


Winter/Menstrual: In this phase, your body releases the uterine lining if you do not become pregnant. This is your monthly reminder to reset and recharge. Your hormones ask you to rest this week and take care of you. This is a great opportunity for self-care, extra water, and a little slower pace. If you can, try not to schedule interviews or big meetings during this week as you’re likely to crave alone time rather than being social. 


If you no longer have a cycle, or birth control prevents these natural ebbs and flows in your month, that is okay! You can recreate them by aligning with the moon’s energy. Rest during the full moon and make plans accordingly. 


We don’t ask Mother Nature to make new growth in the winter, and we don’t see her rest in the summer. We honor each of her strengths in the seasons. It’s time to honor yours too. When you connect to your cycle and live with your hormones instead of against them, your life will change. You can begin to live life as Purely You. 


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