People Are Like Plants

Jan 26, 2022

I recently read a post online that explained how people are like plants. No, not the idea of needing water and sunshine to thrive-although that is true too. In this case, the point was that not everyone wants to grow in the same way. There is often a lot of talk around people climbing the ladder at work, creating more financial abundance, building a bigger house, etc. More. More. More. But what does it mean if you’re happy with where you’re at? If you don’t want to climb that ladder and chase another dollar? 


For the sake of this conversation, it means that you grow differently. See, a Poplar grows fast, tall, and lean, while a Japanese Maple grows slow with a wider shape. Very different, but growth just the same. 


We are all like that too. You and I can both be growing and chasing goals, but the end result might look very different. Maybe my goal is to do some deep emotional work that no one really sees or notices, like how roots grow deeper and stronger. Maybe your goal is to get that big promotion, like how some plants grow 4 feet in one season. 


This is a perfect reminder to not compare ourselves to anyone else. You may be growing tall, she may be growing deep, someone else may be growing out…and that is all okay. There should never be guilt or shame around your goals, just because they are different than someone else's. We should celebrate those differences instead. 


If you’ve ever seen photos from BUTCHART GARDENS, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, you know that it takes a wide variety of plants and elements to create a place so beautiful. There are trees, shrubs, grass, bushes, and flowering plants of all kinds. Living together in glorious harmony, as they each chase different goals. Maybe to be the most vibrant purple, maybe to grow in thick and tough, maybe to provide shade, maybe to bloom late in the season, or be the first to show leaf buds in the spring. There’s room for everyone; early bloomers, late bloomers, tall, short, trees, vines, flowering plants, greenery, and decor. Each item works with the rest around it to create a beautiful scene. It is not much different for us. There is a place for everyone in the garden of life. 


I promise you the Lilly does not look at the rose and wonder why its petals are not short and round. She just stands in her own beauty and allows the rose to do the same. 


Let’s all work to be more like plants in a garden this year. Standing in our own beauty, trusting our own innate wisdom, and allowing one another to thrive next to us. Even if thriving looks uniquely different for everyone. 


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Here’s the text from the post: 




I think part of the issue is people assuming that every one MUST want to move upwards. Like… it’s the next logical step for a person to want to move up the chain; from worker to manager, to district manager, eventually owner. 


But I always think of growth like plants. 


Aspens grow tall to reach the sun, for sure. But dandelions grow deep, understanding themselves fully so that if some misguided fool tries to uproot them they’d have to try damn hard. And then there’s thyme and other creeping plants, which spread themselves out so much that if you chop a part of it off it roots wherever it can find dirt to root in. It’s okay to not have lofty dreams. You know what kind of plant you are better than anyone else.”


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