Make Time For Your Priorities: Part 2

Jan 19, 2022

Last week we were discussing how often we use the lack of time as an excuse for not doing those things we said we were going to do. You can read the whole post HERE but the main jist of it is that we make time for the things we call a priority as long as we are clear about what those priorities are. 

If you feel like you’ve mastered that and you’re still struggling to find the time to do participate in the things you’d like to do, whether that is a hobby or simply keeping up with laundry then we have to change our approach a little bit. If you’ve already mastered the skill of staying committed to your goals, honoring your priorities, and avoiding distractions and you still end the day with unfinished tasks it can certainly make you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and not getting anywhere. 

My number one tip for this: Outsource! Look to your friends, family, and small businesses to help you accomplish all the things. You can hire a cleaning person. You can ask your Mom friends to pick your kiddo up once in a while. You can take advantage of grocery delivery. You can use a laundry service (don’t panic here, you don’t have to take ALL your laundry in. Wash your delicates at home and send your PJs, jeans, and t-shirts to the cleaners!) You can automate your bills. You can get a Roomba, there’s even one that will mop for you now too! You can put your commonly used household items on an auto-delivery from most online retailers (my deodorant, razors, vitamins, ridx, and dog/cat food are all delivered without me even having to think about it!) I know sometimes it feels strange to say, I need help. Sometimes it seems hard to justify paying someone else to do the things you are capable of doing. But there’s the thing. You can be kind of good at a lot of things, or you can be really good at a few things… but you cannot (and should not) try to be great at all the things. 

If balancing your checkbook is the bane of your existence, hire someone else to do it. There is a whole profession dedicated to Virtual Assistants. These are people who can help with all things virtual. I have a great VA for my social media management and some help with other behind-the-scenes stuff in my business (like making sure this week’s email dropped in your inbox!). If you just don’t have the time to do all of your laundry, drop off a few loads at the cleaners. Yes, there is an associated fee, but if it’s done and folded is that worth the cost? Remember, you can make more money... you cannot make more time. 

My second tip for this is to truly evaluate the tasks you have on your plate. 

How many of them are necessary? For example, will the world end if you don’t wash the windows today? Do you have to bake fresh cookies for your husband’s lunchbox every week? Is it necessary to send your kiddo with crafty treats for the class party, or would the kids be just as happy with a box of Little Debbie brownies?  

How many of them are obligations that bring you no joy? For instance, are you a club leader for something your kids participate in, but you don’t enjoy it? Did you agree to a community service project that feels less like service and more like punishment for you? Have you said yes to one too many things and now don’t have energy for any of them?

What is on your list that only you care about? We allow ourselves to get stressed out about things in our homes or jobs that don’t matter to anyone but ourselves. I’m not telling you to stop caring about what is important to you, I’m telling you to stop stressing over the people who don’t have the same point of view. If your kid folds their towels in thirds and you fold in quarters, IT IS OKAY. Be very aware of the weight you’re putting on yourself and your family when accomplishing those daily, mundane tasks. If you’re the only one in the house/workplace with that priority, offer yourself and everyone else some grace as we remember that our priorities are different. 

The last tip I have for you regarding that feeling of overwhelm is to say no more often. If you already feel like your plate is full, adding one more task will not help you get on top of things. A prime example of this in my business: Reels, Stories, and TikTok. As far as keeping up with all the backend business ownership tasks goes, I’m at capacity. I would much rather spend time working with my clients than recording short videos for social. Even though “they” say that is the future of online businesses. I do not have the capacity for it right now, so I’m simply not doing it. There is so much peace that comes with that. It is okay to tell someone, “I love what you’re doing with that project, but right now my plate is full and I need to honor my time with my family.” You are not accepting defeat. You are not letting anyone down. You are honoring your priorities and other commitments so that you have enough time and energy to be fully present along the way. 


If you have been successfully doing these things and you still feel like you are not fully present in your life, I’d love to help you out. Through some one-on-one coaching or my hybrid coaching program, we could certainly help you find your peace! Let’s talk about your options HERE.



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