Who is Purely You?

Jan 01, 2020
Purely You Healing
Who is Purely You?

Purely You isn't the "go-getter" persona you adopt at work. It's not the "soccer mom" impression you leave at school drop off. Purely You probably isn't the version of yourself that shows online either. It's not the face you put on for your in-laws at dinner. It's not the smile you paint on when your kids are misbehaving in the store. Purely You isn't the mask you put on to please your partner, your boss, your kids, or your best friend. 

Purely You is the absolute truest version of yourself. The person you are at the root of your being. The person you were put on this earth to become. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? But I would venture to guess, you have covered up bits and pieces of you to get through this life. Maybe you've done this for so long, that you're not really sure who you are anymore. Do you really like that TV show or do you watch it because your partner does? Do you really enjoy going hiking or do you only go because your best friend does? Does a bubble bath make you feel centered and calm, or do you take baths because that's what "they" say you should do to relax? 

 Society has created social norms that most of us try to keep up with. Sometimes we are held to the expectations of our families, our spouses, or just the people we are in community with. However, when you chose to live a life that doesn't feed your soul, strictly to appease those around you, you get further and further away from Purely You. You fall into a mundane routine, just going through the motions from the second you get up in the morning until you lay your head down at night. You live a life that may appear fulfilling, but it doesn't fulfill you. That may leave you wondering, "what's wrong with me?" and  "why don't I feel happy and content when I have so much to be happy for?" 

My dear girl, you feel that way because going through the motions isn't fulfilling. Because doing things just for those around you doesn't feed your soul. Because putting everyone else's needs, desires, and preferences before your own diminishes your light and leaves you feeling burnt out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. 

Your life doesn't have to be this way! You just have to journey back to the purest version of yourself. How do you do that? Well... that's a tricky one to answer. You see, becoming the purest version of yourself is unique for each one of us. Chances are, you've been living like this for so long, you're not even really sure what it is that makes your heart soar (other than the idea of uninterrupted sleep). It's so important to remember that you are not the same person today that you were 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, or even 6 months ago. You should be evolving and changing as we walk through every season of this life. Maybe you have thought to yourself, "painting used to make me happy, I should do more of that." Then you sit down to paint and you discover that it just isn't filling your cup today and that leads you to wonder again, "what's wrong with me?" NOTHING! You have just evolved. Maybe today, instead of painting, reading a book is what recharges your batteries. Maybe it's dancing in front of the mirror. Maybe it's laying in the grass in the sunshine. Maybe it's baking your grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Or calling a friend to visit.  Or taking a nap. Or curling up with your man on the couch with popcorn and Indiana Jones, even though you've seen it a million times. Or... or... or... And maybe tomorrow, it is painting. And all of that is okay! 

The first step to becoming your purest self is to learn what these things are again. To honor your body and spirit. To recognize when you're giving too much of yourself or giving away your power and when you need to settle in and do something that soothes your soul... Okay, now I hear you--trying to tell me there just isn't time for that. I'm waving a big ol' BS flag on that one.

Is there a meal you love, but you don't make it because one person in your family doesn't love it? Cook it anyway, because you should get your favorites too, let them eat a PB&J tonight. Do you mindlessly scroll through Facebook while your kids watch another rerun of Puppy Dog Pals? Take that half-hour that they are otherwise occupied and read your book, or paint, or do some yoga. Did you know that if you spend just 15 minutes a day doing something mindless (cough*scrolling through social media*cough), you have given away OVER 90 hours of your life in one year? Now imagine, using that 15 minutes a day to do something that makes your heart soar? Doing something that brings you back in touch with your purest self? That helps you stay on the journey towards living a life that feeds your body, mind, and soul in such a way that you can be the best version of you, every. single. day. Becoming Purely You is a never-ending journey, but living life as your purest self allows you to give the best of you to the world around you. So... you tell me, who is Purely YOU? 

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