Reconnect to Yourself

Mar 30, 2022

Did you ever get lost as a kid? Maybe got distracted in the grocery store when mom made it to the next aisle without you? Do you remember that immediate feeling of unease and maybe even panic? It was so hard to think clearly because you were LOST! It was a gut-wrenching feeling, wasn't it? 


Now, let me ask you this… have you ever thought to yourself, “I just don’t even know who I am anymore.”? While you may know and trust that you will survive this season of life, that feeling of “lost” still brings up some unease in your psyche. Consider the idea that a part of you feeling off is that you have lost yourself. Lost in the hustle, lost in your kids, your job, and your household obligations. 


A little real talk… when was the last time you did something that was just to fill your own cup? Not something to “deal with the day” or to “get away from it all” but something that genuinely made you happy? Something that was just for you with no ulterior motives. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost yourself, I’d be willing to bet it’s been a while. 


I can’t tell you the “thing” that is going to fill your cup. It is different for all of us. What I am sure of, is when you start working to find yourself again you will discover more peace and happiness along the way. That same peace that comes from seeing mom peek her head back around the corner so you can catch up. 


When we look at all our obligations, we often forget to include ourselves. We forget that your peace and happiness are just as important as your kids’ happiness. That in fact, the better you feel, the easier it is to pour your love and support into them. It might feel a little selfish to add your own needs to your to-do list, but Mama let me be clear: you’re a better parent when you have more to give than when you’re “just getting by.” 


Let’s work together to help you rediscover who you are now. Now that you are a mom. Now that you’re a few years older. Now that you’ve lived a little more life and dealt with some of the harsh realities that come with it. Let's journey back to the person you are at the core of your being. The one who is at peace. The one who has the energy left to pour endless love into her kids. The one who can give her family her absolute best, not just what is left. You deserve this mama, and it’s not that far out of your reach. You’re just a little lost right now, and that is okay. Half the fun is in the journey anyway. Reconnect to yourself, there, you will find your peace and happiness. 


If you’re ready to start this journey, reach out to me. I have just the guide for you! 


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