Reevaluate Your Goals

Dec 21, 2022

As you reflect on the past year, have you accomplished your goals? Have your goals changed over the last 12 months? How have YOU changed? Sometimes it's hard to look back at the year and realize we didn't get anything done we had planned to do.  On the other hand, sometimes we look back and think,  man,  look at everything I accomplished this year.


There is not one result better than the other… the concern is when either one of those thoughts is still surrounded by feelings of emptiness, frustration, or sadness. We all set goals, dream dreams,  and find motivation as the unique person we are on the first of the year. 


But life happens. And that changes us. 


Maybe you lost a loved one. Maybe you gained a family member.  Maybe a new job. Maybe a house project that turned into a major renovation. Maybe there's a global pandemic and it disrupts everything. 


Whatever the circumstances of the time that passes, it likely changes you.  That is why it is so important to reassess your goals often. Not only to make sure you stay motivated but also to make sure your heart is still in them. Is working towards this goal bringing you peace? Are you finding joy in it? Can you still see the light at the end of the tunnel that makes it worth working towards?


If you can answer yes to everything,  then keep on keeping on! 


But if you find a no in there,  it may be time to reevaluate the goal itself.  Do you still want to work for that desired outcome? There are many caveats to making decisions based on the answer to that question but one, in particular, I want you to think about today.  


Was that outcome something that you ever really wanted? 


As the year goes on and we change,  often we're influenced by the people we're surrounded by.  Maybe the intentions you had set for the year were influenced by someone who no longer holds the same place in your life. Perhaps your inspiration came from trying to emulate someone you admire. Maybe you were trying to be a second-rate version of someone else, instead of a first-rate version of yourself.


Moving into the new year, be mindful of your intentions, goals, and the people you let inspire them. And always,  always,  make sure your goals are getting you closer and closer to becoming Purely You. 


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