Self-Care at Home

Jun 30, 2021

Self-care is kind of a buzzword these days.  Everyone's talking about it, but that doesn't make it any easier to partake in.  Especially if you've been lead to believe that self-care is girls' getaways and expensive spa days.  

Self-care is so much more than that. It's not about how much money you spend, or getting pampered for a full day. And really, those activities are not necessarily sustainable in your day-to-day life. We know I'm a proponent of routine maintenance instead of crisis management. So if a spa day isn't something you can work into your time budget or financial budget once a week, then it's probably not going to keep you out of a crisis. Self-care is less about grandiose activities and more about honoring the needs of your body,  mind, and soul.  It's about doing the things that fill your cup while you're also doing the things life asks of you.  I'm not discouraging a spa day or a girls' trip,  there's value in those too.  But I know life gets busy.  I know we get in over our heads sometimes.  I know stress builds a little each day and the best way to keep that from wearing you down is to do a little something for you each day too. 
If this isn't a part of your normal routine, coming up with something small/fast and effective can be just as daunting as what to cook for supper every night.  So I've created this list of 30 self-care activities for you. That's something new for every day of the month if you want it to be! Most of them require 10 minutes or less and can be completed for less than $10 at home (or close to it).  
1. Say no. Honoring your own time is self-care.  If someone requests a part of you that you don't have the energy to give,  say no. 
2. Sleep in.  Shower the night before, rock that messy bun, make your breakfast to go.  Whatever you need to do to give yourself an extra 10, 20, or even 30 minutes in the morning.
3. Go for a walk. Moving your body- especially if you can move out in nature-is a great way to get grounded and appreciate the world around you. 
4. Watch the sunrise or sunset.  Enjoy the beauty of the colors, the breeze, the warmth of the sun, the birds chirping.
5. Practice gratitude. List 5 or 10 things you're grateful for every day.
6. Pray. Offer your prayers of thanks/worry/fear to God and hand over control. 
7. Do yoga. Getting your body moving in such a way that you also connect to your breath is a great way to take care of your body, mind, and soul.
8. Meditate. Guided meditations are helpful if you're new to meditation. Try THIS ONE.
9. Read a book. This can be anything from a romance to an autobiography. Just give yourself permission to sit and read. 
10. Write in your journal. Spending time putting our thoughts on paper helps to process and release some of the burdens. 
11. Give yourself a foot massage. A little of your favorite moisturizer and a few minutes on each foot. Pay particular attention to any pain points or places that feel tight. 
12. Listen to music, whatever genre makes your heart soar. 
13. Do a home facial or pedicure. There are many different recipes or products you can purchase to make this home spa day a reality. 
14. Declutter or organize. It doesn't have to be the whole house, pick one drawer, closet, or other area and start there. 
15. Color, with an adult coloring book or one of your kid's books or just a sheet of paper. Embrace your creative being. 
16. Get crafty.
17. Call a friend or family member, just to visit. 
18. Learn something new. There are so many cool ways to learn things these days, your options are unlimited. 
19. Take a hot bath or shower
20. Cook or bake your favorite food
21. Drink more water
22. Eat some vegetables
23. Walk barefoot or lay in the grass. Get grounded!
24. Plant flowers, indoor plants,  herbs, and/ or a garden. Connecting with and nurturing other living things is soothing to the soul. 
25. Cuddle your loved ones, even your furry loved ones. 
26. Dance to your favorite music. Alone, with your kids, or your partner. 
27. Say I love you to yourself in the mirror. I know it sounds crazy, but do it and you'll understand.
28. Have a digital detox. Turn your phone/TV/Tablet/Computer off for 24+ hours.
29. Put an uplifting essential oil in your diffuser. I love Stress Away with Peppermint from Young Living. 
30.  Make an appointment with someone that serves you (hair cut, massage, pedicure, Healer, coach, counselor, trainer) note: making the appointment didn't take long but attending the appointment might take a little longer, plan accordingly. 
Hopefully, you find something on this list that feels good for you. Tell me your favorites in the comments! 

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