Show Your Power

Oct 07, 2020

It is safe to show your power

Let's say it together now... It is safe to show your power.

In America, we are far more blessed than those in countries facing oppression, but so often we are taught to be quiet. Don't make a fuss. Don't rock the boat. Keep the peace. Don't cause conflict, etc, etc, etc. Is there a time and place for this? Yes. Are there moments when it is very important to know how to be quiet and respectful? Yes. But it is not necessary to diminish your power to be respectful.

You are allowed to stand in your own truth.

You are allowed to be proud of who you are.

You are allowed to own your power.

You are allowed to show your strength.

You are allowed to let your light shine.

So often we shy away from our power for fear. Fear of judgment, fear of criticism, fear of conflict. When the day comes that we all decide to own our power, to be scared and do it anyway, the world will change. You do not have to keep the peace if it jeopardizes your own. You are most certainly allowed to voice your opinions. You are most certainly allowed to go against the grain. You are most certainly allowed to be the one light in a world of darkness.

It is not easy, especially if you have allowed yourself to be small for any amount of time, but it is possible. It is possible to stand true and confident. Have you ever listened to a speaker, or been to a meeting where someone walked in and they just owned the room? That is someone who has learned to step into their power. Their confidence is contagious and their calming presence is wonderful! You can be like this too. You don’t have to shrink when you walk into a room. You don’t have to get smaller every time you voice your opinions. You don’t have to take the back seat. Start with one moment a day where you consciously choose to not get small, you consciously choose to own your space. Take up space dear girl and don’t be shy about it.

Stand tall, stand proud, and know, it is always safe to show your power.

Because I believe this is so very important, but I also understand how hard it is, talking about it isn't the best that we can do. You have to actually get out and DO IT! To make that a little easier for you, I have created this quick 5-step guide to help you Own Your Power! It only takes a few minutes of your time, but it is a few minutes well spent! 


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