I'm So Weird

Jun 01, 2022

“I’m so weird.”


I hear that from clients from time to time and it always makes me smile. Webster's definition of weird is, “of strange or extraordinary character.” 


Isn’t that interesting… strange OR extraordinary? We don’t usually use those words interchangeably, yet they are both listed in this definition. Generally, strange has more of a negative connotation in our society, and extraordinary is a positive one. And this is why I smile when people self-proclaim being weird. Because aren’t we all? 


Aren’t we all a little of both? A little mix of good and bad, strange and extraordinary, light and dark? 


Often when this comes up in conversation, it is used as a precursor to a statement that a person may feel judged for. For example, “I’m weird, I like carrots dipped in peanut butter.” Or, “Maybe, I’m weird but I’d rather shower at night instead of in the morning.” If we start the statement owning our “weird” then the person we’re chatting with cannot make us feel bad for doing things differently than they might. 


Here’s the thing, doing things differently is what makes the world go around! Imagine a world where everyone dressed the same, left the house at the exact same time, played in the yard with their kids at the exact same time, ate the exact same meals every day, drove the exact same vehicle, watched the exact same TV shows, had the same kind of pet etc. How boring would that be?! Besides that, someone would be unhappy because they are dog people, not cat people. Or because they prefer flats over heels. Or ranch dressing instead of blue cheese. 


It is the “strange” things we each enjoy that makes the world unique. I am so grateful there are accountants in the world and people who enjoy tax law. I certainly do not. Those people probably feel the same way about the requirements of my nursing career. Body fluids and traumatic injuries just aren’t for everyone… that being said, which one of us is weird? The accountant who enjoys tax law, or me who enjoys the challenge of caring for another human being in a traumatic situation? 


The answer you’re looking for is neither-because neither one is strange. And both-because both are extraordinary. 


Be mindful of your self-talk and the justifiers you use in your daily conversation. You are not weird because you have found something that lights your soul on fire. You are not weird because you are the only person in your circle who does something a certain way. 


You were born to be unique. You were born to be an individual. You were born to live your life as Purely You, whatever that looks like. Be sure that you’re allowing yourself to do so, unapologetically and without hesitation. The world needs more extraordinary weirdness and a whole lot less judgment for those who choose to embrace it. That includes you. No more self-judgment for living life as Purely You, deal? 


If you’re ready to find Purely You and live your life as unapologetically her, then let’s chat. Put your best foot forward, for your job, your family, and yourself. Book your Better Mom Meeting today! 


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