Women Have Always Been Strong

Mar 16, 2022

My husband and I have become big fans of the show “1883”. Living in Montana now, and having grown up in Wyoming, I enjoy seeing some of the history play out in “1883” and appreciate the unfolding story of how people settled this part of our world. In the show, there is a young woman who begins her journey on the Oregon Trail as a well-dressed, well-mannered, young lady. As the show progresses, we watch her begin to wear pants, gain a little more sass, and find her independence. Through her heartbreak, the hard knocks of living out of a wagon while traveling across the prairie, and the lack of “civilization” we see a different kind of strength show up in her. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, this transition is one that must be appreciated. 


See, women have always been strong. 


Mary birthed a son who she knew would be ridiculed, tormented, and eventually die. Women birth the future of the human race. We experience the discomforts of carrying children, nursing, and raising babies. In today’s society, we experience the internal battle of showing up strong and independent, while also feminine and polite. 


Women have always been strong. The only thing that changes is how the world views that strength. 


As the young lady in “1883” shows us, in society, dresses, corsets, piano playing, and lady-like behavior showed her “strength” as a woman. As they entered the untamed world, her strength showed in her ability to ride a horse, shoot a gun, and survive in nature. Her Mama tries to remind her that this “freedom” is fleeting, that she’ll need to settle back into being a proper lady when they reach Oregon. Her strength will need to be shown differently when they reach their destination. 


Women have always been strong. In this case, her strength is fluid and so is yours. 


The way she shows up in the world is dependent on what the world is needing from her. She did not learn that strength out on the prairie, she just let it show. The same way your strength shows up differently when you work through a contraction or say no to a child despite their frustration with your answer. The same way you mend your own broken heart as you watch your daughter’s break for the first time. The same way you support your spouse as they bury a parent, and you manage the household on 3 hours of sleep. Your strength shows in many different ways, in so many forms throughout the day. Sometimes, strength is saying no, and sometimes it is saying yes. Sometimes it is in cooking a meal and sometimes it is in managing a budget. Sometimes it’s in kissing a skinned knee, sometimes it is in fighting cancer. Sometimes it is in shooting a gun, and sometimes it is in playing the piano. 


Women have always been strong. Now you just have to appreciate all the ways you show your strength at this stage of your life.


As women have survived in history, what is expected, what is allowed, and what is accepted as “proper” has changed many times. It wasn’t until 1974 women could have their own credit cards. 1978 before their jobs were protected when they conceived a child and 2013 before women could fight in combat. This does not mean they were not capable. This does not mean they didn’t have the knowledge and strength to manage a credit card or perform their job duties or fight in combat. It means that their strengths were not recognized and appreciated in the same ways then, that they are today.


Women have always been strong, now we change the way our strength is perceived. Starting with recognizing our strengths in ourselves. 


How are you showing your strength today? If you need some help recognizing it, I'd love to chat with you. Book a call today! 




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