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Stay Well!

The goal of Purely You Healing is always true wellness. Not just symptom management, but healing from the inside out and preventing further injury. To be your Purest Self, you not only have to be the truest version of you mentally and spiritually, but physically too. The three are intertwined and without one, you cannot have the other. I often see your Mind, Body, and Soul depicted like 3 strand braid. Maybe you have heard the phrase, "A three-strand cord is not easily broken," this actually comes from the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible with a slightly different meaning, but I like the image the concept brings us. The idea that to be whole and strong, you must be well in your body, mind, and spirit is powerful. 

Did you know that people who suffer from depression are more likely to suffer from physical ailments as well? Or that happiness can boost your immune system? Or that multiple studies have shown people with a faith are happier than those without a faith practice? It...

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