Let Go and Let God

Have you ever heard the phrase, “let go and let God?” I used to hate it. “What does that even mean?” I’d ask myself. It took a while before I understood. Here’s the thing. So much of what happens in our life is out of our control. There are so many moving parts to this journey we’re on and often times there is a domino effect to each decision or change of plans. We’ll talk about the butterfly effect someday, but this is a different conversation. This is about the idea of control. The idea that you must control all things in your life for it to turn out the way you imagine. Here’s a secret... You cannot control everything. Often times, when we begin to feel out of control, we start to feel the NEED to micromanage or control EVERYTHING within our power. Ever catch yourself trying to make your spouse change clothes for no particular reason or all of a sudden being annoyed by your child’s independence? Take a step back and make...

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