Are You Listening?

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Are You Listening?

Have you ever looked at your husband, or maybe your kids and asked, “are you even listening?” Usually, it stems from frustration. An important conversation should be taking place, but the person you are talking to is not actively listening. We’ve all been there. My question for you is this, are you listening to your own self?  

Our bodies send signals to our brains all day long! The ones we recognize early in life are hunger, thirst, and the urge to breathe. As we grow a little, we learn what being nervous feels like. We learn excitement. We learn the difference between happy and sad. We learn our body’s cues for needing to use the bathroom or needing to go to sleep. We learn to be careful around hot pans. Inside our body is telling our brain to release certain chemicals when we’re ready for sleep, and different ones when we are ready to start the day. Our stomach tells our pancreas to release insulin. All-day long multiple signals are being...

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