Grow with Love

Sep 22, 2021

Have you ever heard it said that kids grow better with love? Research has shown us that our children’s brains actually grow bigger when they are loved. There’s also research stating children grow up to be happier, more resilient adults if they are shown love in their childhood. How cool is that? Something as simple as asking about their day, hugging them before they leave for school and after they come home, and taking an interest in the things they are interested in, helps them become less anxious and more resilient. I do firmly believe in doing our best to raise our babies in such a way that they don’t need to heal from their childhood when they’re grown, but that is not why I bring this up with you today. 


We talk about love and growth because you never really stop growing. Just like we talked about in this post for as long as you are here on Earth, you are growing and evolving. I pray that the person you are today is not the same person you were 5 years ago and that she is different still than the person you were 10 years ago. Sometimes that growth is hard and a matter of circumstance, sometimes it’s born out of necessity, but that doesn’t make the transition into the newest, best version of you, any easier. 


Do you know what could make it easier though? Love. No, not finding the perfect partner kind of love… but learning how to love yourself as you go through the transition. If love can help a baby’s BRAIN GROW, can you imagine what could happen in your life if you allowed loving thoughts instead of hurtful ones? If you offer yourself some grace instead of constant criticism? If you treated yourself with the same compassion you offer your best friend when she’s had a bad day? Think of how much easier your seasons of growth could be if you were able to recognize them as such, and then love yourself through it? 


This week I challenge you to love yourself every day. Maybe that is a compliment in the mirror, maybe that is a little grace when you’re running behind in the morning, maybe that is some compassion for the way you reacted to that stressful situation. Maybe it's drinking enough water or an extra serving of vegetables today. Whatever that looks like for you. Love yourself through whatever challenges life has to offer you, instead of offering criticism, discontent, and hurt. 


Love yourself well, so you can grow through what you go through. 


If this is something you cannot even fathom being able to do, you’re likely burnt out! I’d love to have a chat with you about your biggest stressors and some ways you can begin to love yourself well. When you’re ready, pencil yourself into my calendar and we’ll chat! 


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