Not Ready

Nov 04, 2020

Remember when we talked about why it is so important to grow?

And when we talked about how everyone grows at their own pace? Well, what happens if it is you who is not ready to grow? I recently had someone say to me, “I know I need to do my own work, but I’m not ready yet. So, for now, my life will stay just as it is.” How profound is that statement?! I am so proud of this person for recognizing this. For saying, “you know what, I certainly have some room for growth, but I don’t want to put the work into it so... this is my life right now.” You guys, that is just as powerful as someone who says, “I’m committed to living a different life.” You know why? Because she recognizes it and she chooses. And that is a beautiful thing!

There are wonderful seasons for growth and there are wonderful periods of rest. Watch how other natural cycles work. Your kids for example. Same size clothes for a season and then *poof* they are growing inches overnight. If you’re in a season of rest, that is okay. Even in those resting periods, we are still learning about ourselves and growing. You are still working towards Purely You. Sometimes rest is wonderful for recognizing where your energy is being consumed. Sometimes it is lovely for recharging so you can embrace that period of growth with all the tenacity it deserves. Rest is always a great time for reflection and appreciation for where you have been, and what is coming next.

It is never our place to judge someone because they are not ready or willing to grow and evolve. There have been seasons when you were not willing to either. Remember that bad boyfriend in high school? Your mama was standing by waiting for you to grow out of him, but in the moment, everything was perfect. Until you were ready for more, until you were ready to grow. Offer those around you some grace as you push forward and continue to become a better version of yourself every day. Allow each person in your life to be on their own journey, no matter what that looks like. Mother Nature shows us periods of fast growth (spring), steady growth (summer), releasing the old (fall), and resting (winter). You’re allowed to move through seasons too, just as those around you are allowed to. No matter which season you’re in, may you only allow love and light into your space.





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