Practice What I Preach

Jul 01, 2020

Someone asked me recently how I continue to “have it all together” despite everything going on in the world. My answer: I don’t. 

Today, I’m going to be real with you... the last few months have been HARD. A downright challenge. Hospital life is crazy, home life is crazy, and supporting Purely You Healing through it all has also been crazy. I lost an uncle. I rescheduled my wedding. The fear, the politics, the resentment in society; it has all been weighing heavy on me. In the last few weeks, I have had to step back and practice what I preach. It was time to rest. Time to honor my body and nourish my soul. I stepped back from the hustle and grind. I took breaks from social media and the news. I rested often. I walked a lot. I drank all the water and ate more salad and more chocolate-balance is key. And I set different boundaries. I reminded my friends, family, and clients that I needed time to decompress. Working hours are for working and all the other time is for myself and my family. I reminded myself that it was okay to ask that of those in my life. I reminded myself that it was okay to rest. That I can still be superwoman and get a good night’s sleep. That I will still get it all accomplished, but my wellness is a top priority.  

I share all of this with you because you must know that I am human too. We are all on this journey together and there are ups and downs no matter how long you’ve been working at it. The important part is that you recognize when you need to rest. You are aware of that temper getting shorter, your tension higher, and your stress levels off the chart. You must be aware of when your adrenals are in overdrive, why you’re craving junk food, and why you feel like you need to get it all the things done today. Sometimes when we feel out of control, we try to control too much. That leads to continued stress and a further feeling of being out of control. It’s a tailspin you can’t get out of without intentionally working at it.  

If I have learned anything over my years serving others it is this: If you don’t rest when you feel the need to, your body will do it for you. Usually, that comes by way of illness or injury. Any time I start to feel this way here’s how I manage (in no particular order):  

  • take an Epsom salt bath, at least 40 minutes long. This time frame is necessary for your body to detox and absorb the magnesium from the Epsom salts. If you’re really ambitious, add a cup of baking soda and a half-inch of grated ginger root (must be fresh, ground ginger from the spice cabinet doesn’t quite cut it-I know because I tried). This combination is great for helping you to detox through your sweat, get your blood flowing, and replenish your body. Please drink extra water the day you do this and the day after.  
  • Turn off my phone or at least notifications on social media. I stop scrolling and I stop posting. 1. If I’m that busy I can use that 10 minutes more productively and 2) social media is full of people who like to cause drama. I have been very intentional about the pages and accounts I follow to make sure most of what I am exposed to is uplifting and supportive and you better believe my unfollow game is strong!  
  • Get outside. Sometimes this means I fold laundry on the lawn (2 baskets, one with unfolded clothes and one for the folded clothes). Sometimes this means I take the dog for an hour-long walk. Sometimes this means I shovel snow (we need breaks in the winter too y’all). The important part is that you’re in the fresh air and appreciating the elements. Breathe in the fresh air. Feel the sun and the wind on your face. Listen to the birds' chirp. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Connect to nature with all of your senses. Every single time you are outside, even if it's just the quick jaunt to the car on your way to work. 
  • Get grounded. I do this in lots of different ways. Meditations, walking barefoot in the grass, breathing into my feet, bringing white light energy through me from God to Mother Earth. You can read more about that *here* 
  • Set new boundaries. Usually, when I feel overwhelmed like this it is because I have become lax on what I allow in or out of my life. I stop protecting my space. I’m not eating well or drinking enough water. I am allowing too much time on social media and/or heavy TV shows. I am saying “yes” to all the things and not respecting my own time and family. So, I step back from all of it and say no, A LOT.  
  • Reconnect with God, my goals, and my priorities. We are quick to sacrifice the things we value most when we get overwhelmed. “I’m too tired to pray” “Sure I’ll stay late to help, even though I’ll miss supper with my family” “if I just do this one last thing tonight, I can still get 4 hours of sleep before work tomorrow.” I know these phrases are familiar to you. If someone asked you, you would say your family is a priority. You would say you value your health and wellbeing. You would say that you value your spiritual relationship.... yet you sacrifice all those things when you get off balance.  
  • Release any judgment around myself and others. Judgment is heavy. It is hard to not judge yourself for being tired, worn out, or overwhelmed. It is hard to not judge others for the same thing. It’s never our job to judge someone, but in these moments especially it is so important to release that judgment. Be patient and approach all things with love and light.  
  • Get a massage, see my healer, and go to the chiropractor. You better believe when you’re feeling exhausted, all of these things are necessary! Really, these should just be a routine part of our lives. When that slips away and I’m feeling exhausted, I always make a conscious effort to squeeze in time with my wellness team.  

Usually, about a 2-week reset, and I feel like I can “start fresh” and am ready to tackle my goals again. Sometimes, though, like this particular time in our lives, it takes longer than 2 weeks. And you know what? THAT IS OKAY! This is a huge time of transition in our country. There are so many things affecting our lives right now that are out of our control, it is okay to take the time to adjust. To ‘just keep your head above water’ and grow when you’ve caught your breath. As long as you work on resting, you recognize where you’re stretched too thin and you actively work at changing that. Then when you’re ready, you tackle the world again. I will continue to rest until September. Because I know that is what I need. I know that I cannot add more to my plate without sacrificing sleep, time with my family, or my well-being. I will still open time for sessions, I will still support the Purely You Healing Community, and I will continue to post here for you. But you may see less of me on Instagram, less interaction on Facebook, and fewer “special offers” right now. I thank you for helping me to honor my journey and for allowing me to be a part of you honoring yours. May nothing less than love and light enter your space.  


If you're ready to get grounded, try this guided meditation to help you! 


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